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Registration FAQs

Registration dates and times

1. How do I register for my courses? Can I register online?

Course registration at UBC Okanagan is an online process conducted within the Student Service Centre (SSC). Using the SSC, you can add, drop, or switch courses; pay deposits and tuition fees; view your timetable; and much more. See the How to register webpage for full details.

2. How is my registration date and time determined?

If you're a continuing student, your registration date and time are determined by your year level and your standing in the previous Winter Session. Registration Dates...

3. When will I know my date and time?

Your academic progress is evaluated to determine your standing. Evaluations are usually completed by the end of May.

4. Will my date and time change?

It is possible that your registration date and time could change, especially if you're a newly admitted student or a continuing student in a partial program. You should check the SSC periodically.

5. Should I pay attention to the time?

Yes – you will not be able to register prior to the designated time on your registration day.

6. Do I have to register on my registration day?

No, you can register on or after your registration day. Do note, however, that courses fill quickly.

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