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Looking for events run by industry? Check out the home page of the Student & Alumni Job Board for announcements about upcoming events.

Tips for navigating virtual events/fairs

  1. Use first name and last initial to protect your privacy when using platforms like Zoom
  2. Keep yourself muted unless speaking
  3. Activating the video is a personal choice – if you choose not to go live you can use a profile picture as an option
  4. If you enter using video, test your lighting and background. Lights should be in front of the computer for optimal viewing. Going live almost feels like allowing someone into your home so feel free to download a generic background to use or opt for a plain wall behind you
  5. Craft a brief 30-second introduction to use when asked. It is also important to craft a brief statement of how you are doing personally – many people are asking about your well-being before jumping into the professional questions and you do not want to be caught off guard
  6. Craft or curate the questions you want to ask prior to the event so you ensure you make efficient use of the time you have with the professional

LinkedIn Learning

Looking for a self-guided professional development opportunity? Take advantage of LinkedIn Learning, available to you through the Okanagan Regional Library. Gain access to thousands of online courses and tutorials, taught by industry experts across all professional areas! All you need is a library card.

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Collaborate with Careers

Are you a UBCO Student Union or Club? Interested in gaining access to external speakers and organizations? Collaborate with the Career Development team today and receive extra support for your group’s initiatives!

Use the following guidebook to connect with the Career Development team and understand how we can collaborate today.

Careers Collaboration Guidebook