Funding opportunities

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Sometimes to get involved in something you are passionate about requires some financial assistance. Below are some places you can start to research grants, subsidies, and funds that may apply to your interests or initiatives. Whether you are interested in following your dreams, bringing an initiative to campus, engaging in research or attending an academic, or professional conference there are financial resources available to help you.

On-campus funding opportunities

Sharron Simpson Family Community Impact Award

Apartment stacked floor-to-ceiling with old mystery novels? Can’t put those knitting needles down? Recruited everyone you know to join you at polka night?
Tell us what puts a smile on your face, gets your heart racing, or seems to work its way into every conversation you have—you could be eligible for $1,000 to 2,500 in funding to pursue your passion and pay it forward in your community.

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Tuum Est Student Initiative Fund

The Tuum Est fund provides financial support for student initiatives, conferences, and competitions. Bring your initiatives to life.

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Off-campus funding opportunities

Central Okanagan Foundation for Youth Grants

These grants are available to young people up to age 25 who are partnering with an organization to create positive change in their local community.

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United Way Youth Initiative Grants

All registered charities doing work in our focus areas are eligible for United Way funding.

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