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If you’re nearing the completion of your degree at UBC’s Okanagan campus, you’re getting ready to graduate.

Apply to graduate

If you wish to graduate, you must apply to do so. Students apply to graduate via the Student Service Centre (SSC).

Application deadlines:

  • November Conferral – Application is open June 15 to September 15
  • May Conferral – Application is open December 15 to February 28

While completing your application, check your legal name and your listed specializations for accuracy. Contact if there are any errors. Once you have completed your grad application, hit the SUBMIT button to ensure your application is sent to Enrolment Services.


  • UBC has no graduation fee
  • In order for your application to be accepted, you must also fulfill the degree completion deadline:
    • Undergraduate degrees for November conferral – degree completion is October 30th
    • Undergraduate degrees for May conferral – degree completion is April 30th
    • Graduate degrees: contact the College of Graduate Studies for deadlines

Information regarding graduation ceremony dates and times will be available on the UBC graduation website.

Graduation website

Application Status

Check your application status on the Student Service Center (SSC). Once you have logged in, go to Graduation > Apply for Graduation > Get/Edit/View Application.

If you have applied for graduation, one of the following application statuses will appear on your record:

Applied for Graduation

Your application has been received. Applications will be reviewed once the graduation application closes at the end of February. This is a good time to contact your faculty advisor or meet with an academic advisor to ensure all graduation requirements have been met.

Note: You will not receive any correspondence regarding graduation until after the application has closed.

Pending/Pending Approved

Your application will remain pending or pending approved until all final grades are in and your file has been approved by the dean of your faculty.

Graduation Not Approved

Your application has not been approved by your faculty/school. Contact your faculty/school if you believe that you have met graduation requirements and should be eligible to graduate. Otherwise, you will need to re-apply for graduation in a subsequent session when you become eligible to graduate.

Withdrawn Application

Your application has been withdrawn and will not be evaluated for graduation. You must re-apply for a subsequent session.


Your file is complete and your application has been approved by the dean of your faculty (this status usually appears in the months of May and November and will remain until the May and November Senate meetings). Your credential will not appear on your transcript until Senate meets to approve all graduates and confer their degrees.


Your degree has been conferred (awarded) and your credentials will appear on your transcript (this status appears after the May and November Okanagan Senate meetings).