Pay fees & accept awards

Ready to pay your tuition and fees? You can view and pay your fees through Student Service Centre (SSC). View your tuition payment options below:

There are many methods to pay your tuition, each with its own set of instructions. To find your tuition and fee amounts, please log into your Student Service Centre (SSC) and select “Financial Summary” under Finances.

In-person services are available. We cannot accept cash or credit card in person. We do accept personal cheques (from a Canadian financial institution) or debit cards in person. Students are encouraged to review the full list of online payment options and instructions outlined on this page. Please contact Student Records & Financial Services if you have questions.

Payment options

Be aware that all options listed may not be applicable to the type of payment you wish to make. Review the information below to confirm which payment options are available for the type of payment you wish to make.

The following options are available for payments made in person:

  • Cheque, money order, or bank draft
    (Note: post-dated cheques will not be accepted.)
  • Debit card

To pay your tuition fees in person, visit Student Records & Financial Services in the University Centre (UNC) 214 on the second floor.

  • For directions to the UNC, consult our campus map.
  • Cash payments are not accepted in person at Student Records & Financial Services.

Note: For information on how to pay your residence fees, including housing and/or meal plan fees, contact Student Housing.

Pay your tuition fees or registration deposit quickly and conveniently online using one of the following options:

Note: For information on how to pay your residence fees, including housing and/or meal plan fees, contact Student Housing.

Bank transfer/ Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Save banking details on the Student Service Centre (SSC) and pay UBC fees directly on the SSC via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from any Canadian bank account.

Note: Daily and transaction debit limits apply.


  1. Log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC)
  2. Click “banking details”
  3. Enter and save your banking details (institution number, transit number,and account number)
  4. Pay your fees by selecting Pay Fees > Bank Transfer

Payments will be applied to your UBC account immediately upon successful transaction, and payment information will be forwarded to your financial institution.

Returned EFT payments

Similar to a cheque payment, EFT payments may be returned by your financial institution. Your payment may be returned due to:

  • Insufficient funds in account or funds not available
  • Invalid account information provided
  • Account specified does not have chequing privileges
  • Closed account

If your payment is returned, the original payment will be reversed out of your student account. This will constitute non-payment of fees, which may result in your student account being placed on financial hold, as well as being charged interest and a $35 hold fee.

INTERAC® online

Pay with your bank card through the Student Service Centre (SSC).


  • Only available for Scotiabank, Royal Bank, TD Canada Trust (note: TD VISA Debit cards cannot be used with INTERAC® Online)
  • Daily and transaction debit limits apply

*Confirm with your financial institution that your daily limit is higher than the amount of the payment you are making.


  1. Log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC)
  2. Click “pay fees”
  3. Click “Interac” and follow the prompts

Successful payments will be processed immediately.

Online credit card payment*

Pay with your credit card through the Student Service Centre (SSC).

Note: Payments for student housing, mandatory meal plans, tuition fees, will have a non-refundable 1.75% convenience fee added to the base payment.

Payments for application fees as well as acceptance/registration/student housing deposits will not have a 1.75% convenience fee added to the base payment.

Successful payments will be processed immediately.


  1. Log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC)
  2. Click “pay fees”
  3. Click “Credit Card” and enter your credit card details as prompted

International Funds Transfer (IFT) – Global Pay/Western Union

Pay your UBC fees from a foreign bank account, using your own currency.

International Funds Transfers, processed through Western Union Business Solutions are secure and efficient and offer the following benefits:

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • No transaction fees from Western Union
  • Locked-in exchange rate for 72 hours, removing much of the uncertainty around the total payment amount
  • No Canadian bank account required

Western Union price match

If you find a better quote from your bank to send a payment to UBC than the quote provided by WU® GlobalPay for Students, Western Union will match the total price you have been offered, subject to terms and conditions.

To take advantage of the offer, complete the online form and await further details on uploading documentation. Questions? Contact Western Union at or toll free by phone at 1 877 218 8829.

To get started follow these steps:

Step one: Initiate your payment quote online

  1. Log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC)
  2. Navigate to Finances > Pay Fees
  3. Select the fees you would like to pay
  4. Select International Funds Transfer to access the GlobalPay student platform
  5. Confirm items to pay

Step two: Complete the online form

  1. A pre-populated form will open in a new window
  2. Select the country which you will be sending your payment
  3. Select the fee item(s) you wish to pay
  4. Select your payment currency
  5. Fill out the payment details and bank details
  6. Agree to the Terms of Use
  7. You will receive a payment reference number that will lock in your quoted exchange rate for 72 hours

Step three: Bank transfer

  1. Print the payment instructions and contact your bank or financial institution (online, phone, or in person)
  2. Initiate payment
  3. Your local bank will transfer funds to Western Union, who will send the funds to UBC

Note: You must repeat step one to generate a new payment quote for each payment – do not use the payment reference number from a previous transaction for new payments

Step four: Payment finalized

  • Your student account will be updated after a minimum of three business days
  • If your account is not updated after a week or if you have any questions relating to this transfer, contact Western Union Business Solutions at or toll free at 1 877 218 8829.

View how the process works.


  • If your funds are received after the quote expires, a new exchange rate will be applied and you could end up paying too much or not enough.
  • You must make payments at least three days earlier than the due date when making an international funds transfer, as it takes time for the funds to clear.

*If your local currency is not available, select an alternative currency or CAD option. You will receive all of the benefits listed above including how banking charges from UBC or Western Union Business Solutions, quicker posting of payment to student account, and fully referenced payments.

Online banking bill payment

Note: For information on how to pay your residence fees, including housing and/or meal plan fees, contact Student Housing.


  1. Log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC).
  2. Click “Financial Summary” to find out your outstanding tuition amounts (the red box at the top will outline everything)
  3. Residence & meal plan amounts must not be combined with tuition amounts. See note below on how to pay it separately
  4. Log in to your Canadian online banking website
  5. Click “bill payment” and add a new payee
  6. Select a payee – UBC, UBC Vancouver or UBC Okanagan are ALL acceptable Payees.
  7. From your Canadian online bank account, add “UBC Tuition”
  8. Enter your 8-digit student ID number as your account number

*Payee name may vary from institution to institution. Try searching for “UBC tuition” or “University of BC tuition.” (Note: for online banking purposes, you do not need to specify Okanagan or Vancouver campus.)

Allow two to three business days for your payment to be processed.

Note: For meal plan and residence fees, this options is currently available at Scotiabank, HSBC Canada, and Credit Unions in BC. Visit UBC Student Housing for further instructions.

Telephone banking bill payment

You can contact your financial institution to set up telephone banking, with UBC tuition as the payee. See steps in online bill payment.

Payment options:

  • Scholarships and awards
  • Student loans
  • Passport to Education/youth Options

Scholarships and awards

Scholarships from UBC

If you are a UBC scholarship recipient and meet the minimum scholarship course load requirements, your scholarship funds will be applied directly to your tuition account. This will usually be done prior to the tuition due date and will reduce your tuition by the amount of your scholarship.


  1. Accept your award on your Student Service Centre (SSC) account.
  2. You will receive an email asking you to sign into your SSC account and accept your award. Once accepted, your award funds will automatically pay toward your tuition on the date tuition is due.
  3. Be sure to check your outstanding tuition balance in case you owe more than is covered by the scholarship.
  4. If you receive more scholarship money than you owe in tuition, a cheque will be issued for the difference.
  5. You will receive an email asking you to pick up your cheque from Student Records & Financial Services.

Note: Scholarships cannot be applied to your registration deposit, so make sure you pay the deposit in time to register.

Provincial scholarships


  1. Bring your Provincial scholarship voucher to Student Records & Financial Services. They will stamp your form to confirm that you are a student currently registered at UBC’s Okanagan campus.
  2. Follow instructions on the form for returning the form to the Ministry of Education for processing.
  3. You will receive your award money by cheque in the mail from the Ministry of Education.

As this money does not go through UBC, it will not automatically pay toward your tuition.

Student loans

Student loan funds are deposited directly into your bank account. You are responsible for paying your educational costs, including tuition, from these funds.

For information on student loans, BC residents can visit the StudentAidBC website. Students from other provinces can check with their home province’s loan provider.

If you still have questions about student loans, contact Student Records & Financial Services.

Some UBC students have a portion of their UBC fees paid by a sponsor such as an Aboriginal community, employer, or government agency. This is called sponsorship billing.

Enrolment Services can process students’ tuition and student fee payments directly from their sponsor. Refer to sponsorship billing for detailed information on this payment option.

For more information, contact:

Sponsorship billing:
The University of British Columbia
Enrolment Services
2016 – 1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Tel: 604 822 1749
Fax: 604 822 5945

Other payment options:


If you must mail your tuition payment to UBC, you may do so using either a cheque or money order/bank draft.

Note: This option is not recommended unless you have no other alternative. Mail systems may be unpredictable and for this reason, deposit and tuition payments by mail should be the last resort for students who cannot use alternate payment methods. Do not send cash in the mail.


    1. Ensure your cheque is correctly filled out.
    2. Cheques should be made payable to “UBC”.
    3. Clearly write your name, student number, and “Tuition” on the memo line of the cheque.
    4. Complete a tuition fee payment form (PDF) and attach it to your cheque.

Mail to:

Student Records & Financial Services
The University of British Columbia
University Centre 214
3272 University Way
Kelowna, BC Canada V1V 1V7

Cheques and money orders should be drawn from a Canadian or US Bank. If you are paying by cheque from a U.S. bank account, you will find the currency exchange rate information on UBC Finance. The rates change weekly and Enrolment Services will calculate the rate for the week in which the cheque is received.

To allow for timely processing, payment must reach Student Records & Financial Services five to ten business days before the payment due date. Allow two to three weeks for processing.

Tuition fee waiver

The UBC tuition fee waiver provides eligible UBC staff and faculty with tuition assistance for approved undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as non-credit courses offered through Continuing Studies.

Note: Tuition fee waivers do not cover student fees. A separate payment must be made to cover these fees.

For information about specific conditions and procedures, or for instructions on how to apply for a waiver, visit Professional Development.

For graduate students working as teaching or research assistants at UBC

Tuition fee deferral is available to graduate students employed by UBC as Teaching or Research Assistants.

You may apply using the online Tuition Fee Deferral Application for Graduate Students employed as Teaching or Research Assistants and attach a copy of your ePAF (proof of employment). See UBC Calendar for application deadline dates.

The online application will open on the following dates:

Summer session: March 1 – April 30
Winter Term 1: July 15 – Aug 31
Winter Term 2: November 1 – December 31