2024-25 Winter Session Courses

UBC has switched to a new system called Workday for courses starting in September 2024. Learn how to view the available courses for 2024/25 Winter in Workday.

2024 Summer session students should continue to use SSC.


Before registering for a course, it is important to view the Course Schedule for 2024/25 Winter in Workday. At UBC, a single course may include multiple course activities, such as Lectures, Labs, Seminars, or other activity types. Review the guide to UBC classes to learn about course formats and assessment at UBC.

If you are a student from UBC Vancouver, please review the UBC Vancouver guide to courses.

Choosing your courses

Use the Course Schedule to help you select your courses. You can also view the Academic Calendar to find your degree requirements. 

How UBC courses are delivered

In the Course Schedule, each course activity will show a “Delivery Mode”, which describes how each individual component (e.g., lecture, lab, tutorial, discussion) within a course is going to be delivered. Most courses will be in-person.

UBC offers the following course modes of delivery for the 2024/25 Winter Session:

  • In-Person: The course activity takes place in-person.
  • Online: The course activity is fully online and does not require any in-person attendance to complete.
  • Hybrid: The course activity has a mixture of mandatory in-person and online activities as designed by the instructor.
  • Multi-Access: The course activity allows students the choice to complete in person or online.


To confirm that a course is delivered fully online, you must check the Delivery Mode for each course activity (e.g. tutorials, seminars, laboratories). When the term begins, consult the syllabus for the most up-to-date and accurate course information.

In some courses, one activity may be delivered online while another activity is in-person, so simply selecting “online” or “hybrid” as the Delivery Mode on the Course Schedule does not guarantee that all the course elements are fully online. For example, a course may have an online lecture, with the lab component conducted on campus.

Make sure to confirm the Delivery Mode for all your courses on your saved schedule before registering. The Course Schedule may continue to change up until the registration date.

Registering for courses

You’ll receive your registration date and time through email about two weeks before your registration opens. Learn tips and tricks to building a saved schedule and prepare for your registration.

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