Summer loans

Students enrolled in Summer Session courses at UBC are eligible for student loan funding provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria listed below. Contact Student Services if you have any questions regarding your course load or changes that you would like to make during the term. It is your responsibility to select courses that will meet the minimum requirements for credit load and program length.

Undergraduate students

Unlike winter courses, summer courses start and end at a variety of times. To be eligible for full-time loans during the Summer Session you must satisfy all of the following:

  • Enrol in at least nine credits (audited, wait-listed and withdrawn courses do not count)
  • Enrol in a combination of courses that together form a study period that is at least 12 consecutive weeks long. Individual courses can be shorter than 12 weeks
  • Have no breaks longer than 10 working days between courses

Most UBC Okanagan summer courses run between:

  • May 15 to June 30 (includes exam period)
  • July 4 to August 18 (includes exam period)

You need to register in both terms to meet the 12-week program length requirement. Be aware that if your Term 1 course ends before June 30 or your Term 2 course starts after July 4, you may have an unacceptable break in your study period.

DO NOT MANUALLY ENTER YOUR STUDY DATES. Select the drop down menu when applying for your BC student loan, and choose the dates that match the study dates listed above.

UBC distance courses

To count towards a summer loan, a distance course must start May 1 or later and end by August 31. Distance courses that start in the summer and continue into the winter session cannot count towards loans in any session.

Note: Distance courses that have been accelerated to finish during the summer session and are then later de-accelerated (lengthened) will not count towards the student loan course load and may result in complete withdrawal of loan and grant funding.

Graduate students

Graduate programs at UBC have no minimum course load requirement. In order to be eligible for student loans, UBC graduate students must be paying full-time fees in each term that they receive loan funding. Additionally, in each term graduate students must have either “Continuing Status” or be registered in course work or their thesis.

Graduate students who will begin their degree in July should contact Student Services for help on the special steps necessary to apply for a July-start loan.

Part-time Funding

If you are not taking courses that match the full-time criteria you may be eligible for a part-time student loan. For BC students, you can find the part-time application on the StudentAidBC website. Submit the completed form to the Student Services front desk (UNC 206z). You have 6 weeks before the end of the term to submit a part-time student loan application.

Out-of-province students requiring part-time funding need to apply directly through their province part-time student loan page.

Important summer dates

March 31 Students applying for a summer bursary should have applied for government student loans for the Summer Session by this date.
May 1 Summer Bursary applications become available online via the Student Service Centre (SSC).
June 1 The online application for Summer Bursary closes. Students must have confirmed full-time enrolment on their student loans by this date in order to be eligible for general summer bursaries.