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Tutorial Name Category Description
Adding a course waitlist to your saved schedule Course registration

How to add a course waitlist to your saved schedule.

Adding your emergency contacts Updating personal information

If you are a new UBC student, you must add your emergency contact information to Workday.

Adding your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or International Tax Number (ITN) Updating personal information

Learn how to add or edit your SIN or ITN.

Adding your Third Party Authorization Updating personal information

Third Party Authorization is in place to protect your personal information from being released to unauthorized individuals under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

Adding yourself to the waitlist for an individual course section Course registration

A waitlist may be set up when a course section is full. If you try to register in a course that is full and has a waitlist, you will be added to the waitlist until a seat becomes available for you to register.

Checking a course waitlist status and capacity Course registration

How to check if there is a waitlist for a course section and the waitlist capacity.

Continuous enrolment for graduate programs Graduate students

Starting June 2024, most continuing graduate students will have registration into a shell course named “GRTU 001 – Continuous Enrolment for Tuition Installment” for each active Academic Period.

Creating a saved schedule Course registration

A “saved schedule” is a draft timetable in Workday where you can plan out your classes for the upcoming academic session. Saved schedules in Workday were previously called “worklists” in SSC.

Creating an Evaluated Academic Requirements report Degree planning

The Evaluated Academic Requirements Report is a tool for UBC students who are thinking about declaring a specialization or transferring to a different program of study at UBC.

Declaring a minor or second major (program of study) Degree planning

Learn how to add a second major or a minor program if you are eligible to do so.

Declaring or changing your primary major, honours, or specialization Degree planning

Learn about declaring or changing your major.

Downloading your Confirmation of Enrolment Letter Student documents

A Confirmation of Enrolment Letter—also known as a Proof of Enrolment or Verification of Enrolment—is an official document showing that you are currently registered at UBC.

Downloading your proof of tuition payment (Account Statement) Finances and Student documents

Your Account Statement shows your balance and all transactions, like payments and charges, for one academic period. You can use your Account Statement as your proof of tuition payment.

Dropping a course Course registration

You can drop a course before the add/drop deadline listed in each course section.

Editing your saved schedule Course registration

A “saved schedule” is a draft timetable in Workday where you can plan out your classes for the upcoming term.

Finding course conflicts in a saved schedule Course registration

A course conflict happens when two or more classes in your schedule take place at the same time.

Logging into Workday Accessing Workday

Log in and get started with Workday.

Navigating from your Student profile to your Employee profile Graduate students

When you are both a student and an employee, you may see a different profile view when logging into Workday – either your Student profile, or your Employee profile.

Paying your tuition and student fees in TouchNet: Credit card and Signature Debit card payment Finances

UBC uses TouchNet as a payment tool for tuition and student fees, as well as Student Direct Stream (SDS) tuition prepayments. TouchNet accepts Visa, Mastercard, as well as major banks’ Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit cards.

Paying your tuition and student fees in TouchNet: Pre-authorized debit (PAD) Finances

UBC uses TouchNet as a payment tool for tuition and student fees, as well as Student Direct Stream (SDS) tuition prepayments. Before going through the steps in this tutorial, you will need to set up your pre-authorized debit account from your Canadian bank account in TouchNet.

Paying your tuition and student fees in TouchNet: TransferMate payment Finances

UBC uses TouchNet as a payment tool for tuition and student fees, as well as Student Direct Stream (SDS) tuition prepayments. TransferMate is a third-party service enabling international students without a Canadian bank account to pay tuition in their local currency via bank transfer or credit card.

Registering for individual course sections Course registration

Learn how you can register for a specific course once registration opens for you.

Registering in a course from the waitlist Course registration

If you’re on the waitlist and a seat becomes available, here’s how you can respond to seat availability, register in the course, and remove yourself from the waitlist.

Registering in courses from a saved schedule Course registration

Create a saved schedule to register for all of your courses at once.

Removing your program of study (second major or minor) Degree planning

If you are no longer completing your minor or second major, you can follow the instructions below to drop the secondary program from your record.

Resolving a hold on your academic record Course registration

A hold on your record may block you from registering in courses or receiving a transcript or diploma. Learn how to resolve a hold.

Reviewing saved schedule alerts Course registration

If you see an alert on your saved schedule, you may need to complete an action to avoid registration issues.

Setting up your direct deposit Finances

Setting up your direct deposit allows you to receive payments directly into your bank account.

Setting up your Pre-Authorized Debit account in TouchNet Finances

TouchNet Payment Centre is a new system available for students to pay tuition and fees. Pre-Authorized Debit is one of the ways you can pay your tuition in TouchNet.

Swapping a course Course registration

In Workday, you can “swap” a course, which means you can switch the course you’re already signed up for with a different one.

Troubleshooting registration Course registration

There are several possible reasons why you may not be able to register for a course.

Troubleshooting your saved schedule Course registration

A “saved schedule” is a draft timetable in Workday where you can plan out your classes for the upcoming term.

Updating your contact information Updating personal information

To receive emergency updates and other important information from UBC, please check that your contact information is up-to-date and accurate on Workday.

Updating your Indigenous Self-Identification Updating personal information

Self-identification is optional. If you are a First Nations, Métis, and Inuit person, we encourage you to self-identify so that you may benefit from these programs and services.

Updating your preferred name Updating personal information

Your preferred first and last names will be used for your UBC Card, Canvas account, and class lists.

Updating your pronouns, trans experience, and gender identity Updating personal information

Adding this information in Workday is optional and you can change or remove your information at any time.

Viewing the course schedule Course registration

Learn about the course schedule and how you can view it.

Viewing your Academic Progress Report Degree planning

An Academic Progress Report (APR) outlines the requirements for your program of study and provides your up-to-date degree progress. The Academic Progress Report in Workday was previously called the “Degree Navigator Report” in SSC.

Viewing your account activity: Tuition amount and payments Finances

The “Account Activity” page provides a transaction summary of all your account transactions, including tuition charges, student fees, and payments. Your summary will include transactions from all academic periods.

Viewing your date of birth Updating personal information

To change your date of birth, you must contact Enrolment Services – Student Record and Financial Services. You cannot change this information in Workday.

Viewing your grades and academic record Degree planning

In Workday, there are 2 different places to find your grades depending on the academic period. The “View My Grades” page will show your grades for a specific academic term. The “View my Academic Record” page will display your grades for all terms, your cumulative average, and your academic standing

Viewing your legal name Updating personal information

You can view your legal name in Workday. If you wish to be known by a different legal name on your UBC student records, please contact Enrolment Services – Student Records and Financial Services in person at UNC 214, or by email at to change your legal name.

Viewing your profile notes Student documents

Notes may be added to your profile in Workday by UBC faculty or staff. You may have a note on your profile if you have submitted a pre-requisite waiver request, for example.

Viewing your registration appointment Course registration

A registration appointment refers to the date and time you are first able to register for courses in the upcoming academic session.

Viewing your residency and citizenship Updating personal information

Your UBC tuition and student fees are determined based on your residency status in Canada. This is shown on your Student Profile Summary in Workday as a status of Canadian “Resident” or “Nonresident”. Learn whether you’ll have to pay international or domestic tuition fees depending on your status.

Viewing your saved schedule Course registration

See how you can view your saved schedule.

Viewing your transfer credit or high school and AP/IB Credit Degree planning and Transfer credit

You will only have access to the “Transfer Credit” page in Workday if you have been awarded transfer credit.

Viewing your waitlisted courses Course registration

How to view your waitlisted courses.

Withdrawing from a course Course registration

You can withdraw from a course only after the add/drop deadline.