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When are grades released?

Grades will show on student transcripts and the Student Service Centre (SSC) for summer 2024 courses, or Workday for Winter 2024/25 courses based on the date periods below.

The grade release date is not the grade submission deadline. Instructors are encouraged to submit your grades as soon as possible after the exam. Normally, grades should be submitted 7 business days after your final exam date. If you are missing grades from your record, we recommend contacting your instructor to ask when they will be submitted.

Winter Session

  • Term 1 (September to December): Grades are released on the last day of the December exam period (mid December)
  • Term 2 (January to April): Grades are released on the last day of the April exam period (late April)

For exact dates, visit the dates and deadlines section of the Academic Calendar to check the last date of the exam period.

Summer Session

  • Grades are available as of May 30 each year
  • Summer Term 1 grades will not appear before May 30, Summer Term 2 grades will appear as soon as they are entered

To find out more about grades:

Download the Application for Review of Assigned Standing in a course (PDF).