Disability resources

The Disability Resource Centre (DRC) facilitates disability-related accommodations and programming initiatives to remove barriers for students with disabilities and ongoing medical conditions.

Please see our contact page for DRC office hours, student and faculty drop-in times and contact information.

How to Register with the DRC.

Exams:  Students formally request their exam accommodations by registering the online quiz/test/exam in the accommodation portal.  Exam Coordinators are confirming and overseeing the implementation of exam accommodations for online quizzes/tests/exams. See the Exam accommodations in the online learning environment page for more information.  There are no in-person exams for online courses.

Students seeking assistance who are already affiliated with the DRC should contact their advisor directly. See our contacts page for staff  direct emails.

Looking for a DRC form? Find them on the Student Support page.

General inquiries or students new to the DRC can reach us by calling the receptionist at 250-807-8053 or by emailing drc.questions@ubc.ca.

Accommodations portal

Student login

  • Send accommodation letters
  • Book your test or quiz
  • Request peer notetaker

User guide for students (PDF)

Instructor Login

  • View students’ accommodations
  • View exam bookings
  • Upload your exam

User guide for instructors (PDF)


  • Complete profile
  • Upload notes

Notetaker Agreement

Our role

The Disability Resource Centre has been designated by UBC to facilitate access and inclusion for disabled students in all aspects of university life. We work with students to determine reasonable accommodations, and with faculties and other departments to design an inclusive university experience.

Students accessing the disability resource centre

Getting Started

The Disability Resource Centre may be able to help if you have:

  • an ongoing medical condition or disability that impacts your access to campus activities
  • received academic or other disability-related accommodations at another educational institution
  • Get started by completing the Information Form and submitting your medical documentation.

Student support

Important dates

2021/22 Winter Session Term 2

Friday January 21, 2022 Last day to drop from most classes without a “W” standing through SSC Web
Friday January 28, 2022 Last day to request a peer notetaker
Friday March 18, 2022 Last day to drop from most classes with a “W” standing through SSC Web
Monday March 21, 2022 Last day to submit complete intake package to the DRC for accommodations this term
Thursday April 7, 2022 Last day to submit final exam booking forms

Please refer to the online Course Schedule for specific course drop/withdrawal dates and the Vancouver Calendar for Distance Education course drop/withdrawal dates.


The DRC is committed to treating your documentation as confidential in accordance with BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: Guide to Access to Information and Privacy Protection

In registering for services with our office, you have given written permission for the DRC to share relevant information with instructors and departments to the extent necessary to ensure the provision of services. The functional impact of your disability relative to a need for a specific accommodation is the type of information that may be shared.