Disability Resources

Office hours during Reading Week:

  • Monday February 19: CLOSED (Family Day)
  • Tuesday February 20: 8:30am – 4:30pm
  • Wednesday February 21: 8:30am – 4:30pm
  • Friday February 23: 8:30am – 4:30pm

About the Disability Resource Centre

The Disability Resource Centre at UBC Okanagan advances access and inclusion for disabled students in all aspects of university life. We work with students to determine and facilitate reasonable accommodations. We build relationships with campus and community partners to foster an inclusive university experience.

Registration with the DRC is required for students to receive academic accommodations. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for detailed information about the DRC, eligibility for registration, and how we support students.

DRC Online Portals and user guides



  • Register with the DRC
  • Book an appointment with your Accessibility Advisor
  • Upload documents for your advisor to review
  • Find online forms

User guides for students: Canvas course “DRC Student Information and Communications”


  • Complete profile
  • Upload notes

Important dates

2023/24 Winter session term 1

Check UBCO Dates & Deadlines Last day to add or drop a class
September 26, 2023 Last day to request a peer note taker
November 16, 2023 Last day to submit complete intake package to the DRC for accommodations this term
December 3, 2023 Last day to submit final exam booking forms

2023/24 Winter session term 2

Check UBCO Dates & Deadlines Last day to add or drop a class
January 30, 2024 Last day to request a peer note taker
March 21, 2024 Last day to submit complete intake package to the DRC for accommodations this term
April 8, 2024 Last day to submit final exam booking forms

Please refer to the online Course Schedule for specific course drop/withdrawal dates and the Vancouver Calendar for Distance Education course drop/withdrawal dates.

Contact us or drop-in

General Enquiries 

Location: UNC 215 – 3272 University Way, Kelowna, BC, V1V 1V7 

Hours: 8:30 to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday 

Email: drc.questions@ubc.ca 

Tel: 250 807 8053
Fax: +1 (855) 949-3705 

Instagram: @ubcostudentwellness 

Exam-Specific Inquiries 

For inquiries related to exams, tests, quizzes, and related accommodations, contact: 

Email: drc.exams@ubc.ca 

Tel: 250 807 8360 

Drop in and speak to an Accessibility Advisor 

Students and Faculty are invited to drop in for 15-minute, confidential meetings with the scheduled DRC Accessibility Advisor, both in-person and on Zoom. Drop-in appointments do not need to be pre-arranged, and people are met in the order that they arrive. See the schedule below:  

  • Monday:  1 pm to 3 pm 
  • Tuesday: 1 pm to 3 pm 
  • Wednesday:  9am to 11am & 1 pm to 3 pm 
  • Thursday:  9am to 11am & 1 pm to 3 pm 
  • Friday: No drop-in 

Zoom drop-In details* 

*Please note that you will be placed in a waiting room before you are admitted to the drop-in Zoom room. There may be a wait if the drop-in Accessibility Advisor is seeing someone else. If you experience any issues accessing the Zoom link, try copying and pasting the link into your internet browser instead. 

Contact an Accessibility Advisor directly 

To contact your Accessibility Advisor directly, please see their contact details below. 

Bree Sproule, Accessibility Advisor
Email: bree.sproule@ubc.ca
Tel: 250 807 8358 

Jason Taylor, Accessibility Advisor
Email: jason.taylor@ubc.ca
Tel: 250 807 8359

Meghan Currie, Accessibility Advisor 
Email: meghan.currie@ubc.ca
Tel: 250 807 8041

Tina Marten, Accessibility Advisor
Email: tina.marten@ubc.ca
Tel: 250 807 9064 

Zoë Bigwood, Accessibility Advisor
Email: zoe.bigwood@ubc.ca
Tel: 250 807 8398 

You can book a meeting directly with your Accessibility Advisor by logging into the student portal and clicking on the ‘Schedule an Appointment’ icon. 

Feedback for the DRC 

Do you have general feedback you would like to submit to the DRC? Please submit your feedback using our DRC Feedback form.