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I have quite literally followed my interests from classroom to classroom. What I’ve found is that course-hopping my way through university is how I can make the most of my degree. 

I wanted to do something meaningful for Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. I feel a slight push to learn more and seek that celebration, connection, and community in small ways to further some kind of deeper understanding. Come with me as I share my reflections on this month and what it means to me.

Picking courses and electives and fulfilling requirements, especially in the junior years, with no previous experience, can be very challenging. Lucky for you, the confessions series is here to rescue you!

Coming this far is a big achievement and all of our efforts deserve a moment to be honoured. Here on some ideas!

Music is always something that has helped me get through hard times. I’ve compiled a list of songs that help me relieve anxiety, destress, and unwind when it all gets a bit much.



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