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Is your family coming to Kelowna to visit and you’re wondering where to take them? Fear not, this blog is for you.

Thrifting is a more cost-effective and environmentally conscious way to build our wardrobes and express ourselves. And it’s also a great way to dig our claws into the rich culture of local businesses in Kelowna. Come with me as I check out some of the noteworthy thrift shops in Kelowna!

In between finishing an assignment and starting the next research paper, do you ever feel like you just miss yourself? Like… who are we anymore outside of being a student?  I feel like I’m going through this right now too, so let’s figure this out together. 

Finals season is here and naturally every person I have spoken to in the last couple of weeks has commented on how tired they are. The burn-out is so real and the to-do list never seems to end. These are some tried and true ways to help make it through to the end of the term.

On-campus jobs are a fantastic way to get a taste of a real workplace with all the comforts of being a student. Having worked in many different roles at UBCO, I have compiled the cheat code to help you figure out what your on-campus role could be your best fit. 

As another academic term begins, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and swamped. The new term can be a great opportunity to start afresh on a positive note. To make the most of the upcoming term, here are five tips to help you get started.  




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