Academic leave

In accordance to the Academic Calendar, students in ‘Good Standing’, for most programs, may take an academic leave (time away from UBC studies) of up to one full year or 12 months. Those who choose to take one year off will be automatically assigned an Eligibility to Return (ELTR) status on their account for the following academic year.

What are the consequences of NOT being in Good Standing?

Students who have been placed on academic probation may be restricted to register in a maximum number of credits in the following terms. Students on academic probation should seek advising about their eligibility for academic leave.
For example a student in Good Standing after completing the 2017 Winter Session will automatically be eligible to register in the same program for the 2018 Summer, 2018 Winter, 2019 Summer and 2019 Winter.

Which programs require approval for Academic Leave?

Students in cohort-based or limited enrolment programs (Nursing, Education, Engineering, and Management) are required to seek permission for an academic leave prior to departing due to limited ability to accommodate leaves in such programs.

However, for all other programs (Human Kinetics, Science, Arts, and Fine Arts), students are highly encouraged to notify their home Faculty to ensure they understand the implications and next steps/receive advising. Contact your faculty or school prior to taking an academic leave.

Returning from academic leave

Log onto your Student Service Centre (SSC) > Select Program to Return > Submit your official transcript to UBC for a review of any transfer credit you may be eligible for.

Log into your Student Service Centre (SSC) > Select Program to Return

DO NOT apply for readmission – you are still considered a returning student to your original program regardless of attending elsewhere.

Note: Students who attended elsewhere without a LOP from their faculty will not receive transfer credit upon return to their original program.

Log onto your Student Service Centre (SSC) > Select Admission (from the top menu bar) > Select Re-Admission (from the drop-down menu) > No, I would like to reapply to a different program.

Students who wish to study at another institution while on leave are required to obtain a Letter of Permission in advance.

Students who are on leave for more than one full year or 12 months will be required to apply for readmission before the published deadlines.