Co-op students

Co-op students are eligible to receive student assistance and are considered full-time students while on co-op work terms.

When applying for assistance

  • Students should apply for assistance one term at a time (e.g. September to December).
  • If applying for assistance for a work term, these co-op wages must be included in the “Income” section of that application.
  • If on a work term during the four months previous to the current application semester (the four-month pre-study period), there are two possibilities:
    1. Student is not receiving student assistance during the pre-study period and must declare all co-op earnings, tuition, and book costs
    2. Student is receiving student assistance during the pre-study period and does not claim co-op earnings or tuition/book costs

After receiving assistance

Students who receive assistance and then later qualify for a co-op position need to declare their work term wages to their provincial assistance providers. They also have the option of declining assistance for their work term. Forms for declaring earnings or modifying assistance are available through your student loan provider.

Maintaining interest-free status

While on a co-op work term, a student is eligible for interest-free status and can obtain the appropriate forms or apply online through your student loan provider.