Resolving a hold on your academic record

Important information about holds on your academic record 

  • A hold on your record may block you from registering in courses or receiving a transcript or diploma.    
  • You may encounter holds for various reasons. For example, you may have to pay overdue tuition and fees or you may need to see an advisor before registering in courses.  
  • Check and resolve your holds before your registration appointment to avoid any issues registering in courses.  


How to resolve a hold on your record 

First, go to your profile in Workday 

  1. Log into your Workday account at 
  2. On the Workday home screen, click your user icon in the top right corner. 
  3. Click the “View Profile” button in the pop-up menu. 

Next, go to your action items and holds 

  1. Click the “Action Items and Holds” tab in the left menu.  
  2. View your current hold under the “Active Holds” tab in the top menu. You will see a description of the hold and what you need to do to resolve it.  

Resolve your hold 

Complete the action items listed in your Active Hold under “Resolution Instructions”.

Confirm that your hold has been removed 

If you’re able to complete the actions, your hold should be resolved automatically. Check that this is the case by going to the “Resolved Holds” tab in the top menu of the “Action Items and Holds” page. 


Or, check the Academics App 

  1. Return to the homepage at 
  2. Click the “Academics” tab in the “Your Top Apps” menu on the right side of the page.  
  3. Check the “My Holds” section in the middle of the page. This section will be empty if there are no active holds on your record.  


 If you need additional support 

Contact Enrolment Services – Student Records and Financial Services (SRFS) or your Indigenous Student Advisor if you need help with understanding a hold on your academic record.