Part-time students

StudentAidBC offers funding for BC students in part-time studies in BC*. For out-of-province students in part-time studies in BC, apply directly through your own province. Part-time students are not eligible for the UBC bursary or work study programs.

*Students who began their part-time studies prior to 2015/16 are grandparented under previous residency policy, and continue to be eligible for funding through the province in which their institution is located until they complete their studies.

Should I apply for part-time funding?

Part-time funding is best for students who:

  • Need support for educational expenses like tuition, books, and transportation
  • Have to pay for child care while attending school
  • Have permanent disabilities (some students with disabilities qualify for full-time loans by appealing to study at a reduced course load)

Part-time funding does not cover living costs. If you need additional financial support for living costs, contact Student Records & Financial Services to discuss a financial plan.

Am I a part-time student?

To determine whether you are a part-time student, check your course load requirements. If you are registered between 20% and 59% of the full-time load listed for your program, you are considered a part-time student.

Note: Not all programs are eligible for part-time funding. You must be in a program approved for full-time student loans. Contact Student Records & Financial Services to check if your program is approved.

How do I apply and receive funding?

Step one:

Download the application form from StudentAidBC, fill it out and submit in-person, by email (, or by mail to Student Records & Financial Services.

Step two:

You will receive an assessment from StudentAidBC that will outline what kind of funding you’ll receive, and when you’ll receive it.

Step three:

Your funding will be sent to you by loan document after your enrolment has been confirmed by UBC.

What if I have previous part-time loans?

If you have a previous part-time Canada Student Loan and you are returning to either part- or full-time study, you do not need to begin repayment. But you must inform your lender that you are returning to study. Review the information for students with previous loans.