Viewing the course schedule

About the course schedule 

  • The Winter Session course schedule for the Okanagan campus is usually published mid-May. 
  • The Summer Session course schedule is usually published in February. 
  • You may see future academic years listed in Workday. However, the course schedule is published one year at a time and will not yet be available for future years. 

How to view the course schedule  

First, go to your Academics app  

  1. Log into your Workday account at 
  2. Click the “Academics” tab in the “Your Top Apps” menu on the right side of the page.  

Next, find course sections 

  1. Click the “Registration & Courses” tab in the top menu. 
  2. On the “Registration” menu to the very right, click the “Find Course Sections” link. 

Select your academic term 

In the pop-up menu, select the term you want to find course sections for: 

  1. Click the “Start Date within” field. 
  2. If you are exploring courses for the upcoming year, select ‘Future Periods’. 
  3. Select the academic term you are searching for. Make sure you choose the correct campus. For example, if you are a student planning your schedule for the 2024/25 Winter Term 1 at the Okanagan Campus, select ‘2024-25 Winter Term 1 (UBC-O)’. 

Select your academic level  

In the pop-up menu, pick the academic level you are searching for: 

  1. Click the “Academic Level” field. 
  2. Select ‘Undergraduate’ (e.g. Bachelor’s Program) or ‘Graduate’ (e.g. Graduate program level courses such as Masters and PhD programs) from the list.  
  3. Do not select ‘Academic Level Not Applicable’. This will result in an error.  
  4. Click the orange “OK” button to move on to the next step.

Filter your search results 

  1. Use search filters on the left to narrow your results. You can filter by campus, course level, course subject, number of credits, delivery mode, and instructional format.  
  2. Click the box next to the filter you want to apply. Your search results will be automatically updated.

Use the search bar

  1. Search for specific courses by searching for individual subjects (E.g. ENGL, BIOL, HES)
  2. If you know the specific course you are looking for, enter the course code using the format CourseCode_O CourseNumber (E.g. ENGL_O 112, BIOL_O 202)

Next steps 

Explore the courses offered in the upcoming year.  

When you find a course you want to take, prepare for course registration by creating a saved schedule. Creating a saved schedule does not register you in courses. You must follow separate instructions to register from a saved schedule. 

If your registration is open, you can register for a section directly from the search results without adding it to a saved schedule.