student, course, selection, computer, lab, libraryTo register for a course, you must first be admitted to UBC. If you are not yet admitted, visit prospective students. Otherwise follow these steps:

1. Find your registration date

Find your personalized registration date and time by logging into the Student Services Centre (SSC) and selecting “Registration” or “Course Schedule”. Your registration time and date will appear in the program menu.

  • You will be sent an email that your registration date has been set approximately two weeks before the registration period for your year level opens.
  • Check and update your email address on the Student Services Centre (SSC) to make sure you get this email.

2. Pay your deposit

Pay the registration deposit in advance of your registration date.

  • Newly-admitted UBC student? The acceptance deposit you paid counts as the registration deposit for the first session you register in.

3. Check program requirements

Check the degree and specialization requirements for your program in the Academic Calendar.

4. Build your course worklist

View the course schedule to find the courses you would like to register for and start building your worklist.

  • Prepare a few draft worklists in advance of your registration date. View the video tutorials for step-by-step instructions.

Note: Although every effort is made to ensure the course schedule is as accurate as possible at the time of publication, changes to the course schedule are sometimes necessary after publication.

These changes will not be reflected in any worklists you have already made. Always review your worklists a few hours before your registration time so you can update them to reflect any schedule changes that may have occurred since your worklist was initially developed.

5. Login and register

When your registration opens, log in to the SSC and register for your courses. Courses fill up quickly, so register as soon as possible.

6. Watch for dates and deadlines

Make sure you know key dates and deadlines within the academic year. The following dates are especially important to keep in mind and mark in your calendar or day planner:

  • Tuition due dates
  • Last day to add or drop courses
  • Term and examination period dates