Spiritual/multi-faith space

spiritual yoga pose

The student-driven model for spiritual wellness at UBC Okanagan is inclusive of the rich diversity of campus interests, and reflective of the vision of UBC as a “Place of Mind”.

The Spiritual/Multi-Faith Space in the University Centre was created to welcome the diverse spiritual and multi-faith practices of the UBC Okanagan campus community.

The absence of any particular religious iconography or symbols sets a comfortable, neutral tone so students, faculty, and staff can express their spirituality and faith in a relaxed and private setting.

If you would like to book the space, please remember to:

  • Respect the space: leave the room as you found it
  • Respect the beliefs of others: do not criticize the beliefs of others nor force your beliefs onto others

The Spiritual/Multi-Faith Space is located in the University Centre (UNC 316) and is available for use Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 9 pm. If you are interested in joining any of the groups or activities that are currently booked, please contact the Student Experience Office by emailing getinvolved.ubco@ubc.ca