Proof of Enrolment Letter

Need a letter to verify your enrolment? Proof of Enrolment works for Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) withdrawal, employment, and scholarships.

Examples: Heritage Education Trust, Children’s Education Funds, Knowledge First Canadian Scholarship Trust

Follow the steps on how to print off a ‘Proof of Enrolment Letter’ below:

Step one

Log on to the Student Service Centre (SSC) using your Campus-Wide Login (CWL).

Step two

Select Grades & Records > Proof of Enrolment Letter

Step three

Select the Academic Session and download the letter.

Proof of Enrolment Letters reflect the number of registered credits you are in depending on the Academic Session you have selected. Note that if you have not registered for any courses for the upcoming year it will list ‘0’ registered credits on the form.

The Proof of Enrolment Letter is available on your SSC is a legal UBC document.