Paying your tuition and student fees in TouchNet: TransferMate payment

About TouchNet 

UBC uses TouchNet as a payment tool for tuition and student fees, as well as Student Direct Stream (SDS) tuition prepayments. 

TouchNet is replacing other forms of ePayment, such as International Funds Transfer via Convera and Interac Online.   

Receipts for payments made in TouchNet are only available in TouchNet, not in Workday. While a receipt will be sent to your email that you have listed in your Workday profile, you have the option to print this page for your records in TouchNet. 


TransferMate is a third-party service enabling international students without a Canadian bank account to pay tuition in their local currency via bank transfer or credit card.  

With TransferMate, you have the flexibility to pay through bank transfer as well as country-specific methods, including: 

  • AliPay (China) 
  • China UnionPay (Asia Pacific) 
  • Trustly (EU) 
  • ICICI (India) 
  • PayNow (Singapore) 

Price Matching in TransferMate 

If a student can find a better rate from a similar provider within 2 hours of completing a transaction through TransferMate, they can email within 1 month to receive suitable compensation for the price difference, subject to terms and conditions.   

How to pay with TransferMate 

First, go to your Finances App   

  1. Log into your Workday account at 
  2. On the right side of the page, in the “Your Top Apps” menu, click the “Finances” app. 


Review your current outstanding balance 

On the left side of the page, under “Account Activity”, your “Due Now” balance will be listed. This balance includes charges that are past due or due within the next 30 days. 

You can make payments toward your “Due Now” balance, but not charges due in the future. 


Next, go to TouchNet Payment Centre 

In the “Tuition and Fees” menu to the right, click the “Make a Payment: TouchNet Payment Centre” link. You will be redirected to the TouchNet homepage, which is a separate app from Workday.  

Make a payment  

  1. Once on the TouchNet homepage, you will see your current outstanding balance listed as “Due Now” in the Student Account box. Click the dark blue “Make Payment” button.


  2. On the “Account Payment” page, enter the amount you want to pay in the field under “Amount Due”. You have the option to make a full or partial payment. 
  3. Click the blue “Continue” button to the lower right.


  4. For the “Method” field, if you’ve previously designated your pre-authorized debit bank account as your default payment method, it will be automatically chosen. However, you can click the light blue “Cancel” button and select “TransferMate INTL” from the “Method” dropdown list. 
  5. Click the dark blue “Continue” button to the lower right.
  6. In the dropdown list, select the country you are paying from.
  7. Click the blue “Review Rate” button for the rates and payment methods available for the country you have selected.


  8. On the next page, select a payment option.
  9. Click the blue “Enter Details” button to proceed.


  10. On the next page, enter your payer details.
  11. Check the “By clicking this box, I agree to the TransferMate Student Term of Use” box to agree to the TransferMate Terms and Conditions. You must check this box to complete your payment.
  12. Click the blue “Continue to Confirmation” button.


  13. On the next page, review your payment details.
    • If your details are correct, click the dark blue “Initiate Payment” to proceed with your payment. 
    • If your details are incorrect, click the blue “Back” button to edit your details.


  14. The instructions for completing your payment will appear in a pop-up window. 
  • Read the instructions carefully and print or screen capture them for reference. You will also receive an email with instructions on how to complete your payment. 
  • To finalize your payment, follow the instructions on the pop-up window or you can refer to the email with instructions about how to complete your payment. Your payment will NOT be processed if you do not follow these instructions. 
  • Click the blue “Close” button when you’re done. 

If you choose to make your payment later 

Any payment made through TouchNet will appear on your TouchNet homepage under “Pending Alternative Payments” until you’ve completed the payment to TransferMate. 

Follow the provided instructions from the previous step to complete your payment. 

If payments are not made within the time limit indicated in the instructions, the payment will be canceled in TouchNet. No transactions will appear in Workday until payment is complete. Please allow 24 hours for your payment to be reflected in Workday.  

Confirm your payment 

After completing your payment to TransferMate, keep any receipts as proof of payments.    

Once your payment has been received, it will be updated in your “Account Activity” on the Finances page within Workday. 

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