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2021/22 Winter Session courses: Courses are primarily in-person, with the expectation that students will attend on campus. Learn more about course delivery options for the 2021/22 Winter Session.


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June/July peak period

To meet with the most students possible during the high-demand registration period, advisors are currently available for drop-in appointments only..

Drop in for a one-on-one advising session through the virtual line. View instructions for how to access drop-in advising.


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Until June 25: Monday – Thursday, 1 – 4:30 p.m. (PT)

June 28 – July 23: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (PT)


Scheduled appointments

Advisors are currently available for drop-in appointments only. To meet with an academic advisor, please join the virtual line for a drop-in appointment during our hours of service (listed above).

Scheduled appointments will be available again beginning July 26.

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School of Engineering

For questions about programs or courses offered by the School of Engineering, contact  School of Engineering Academic Advising.

Course-specific inquiries

If you have questions about a specific course, please contact the course instructor or the department offering the course.

Instructions: how to access drop-in advising

When you join the virtual line, you will be prompted to provide your name, student number, and a 10-digit telephone number where you can be contacted*. If this is a cell phone number, you can also receive SMS message updates to let you know approximately how long your wait time will be.

*Have an international phone number? Don’t worry! If your phone number does not fit in the first phone number field, you will be able to provide it in full later in the queue sign-up process.

When you reach the front of the queue, an Academic Advisor will call you at the telephone number provided.

Having technical difficulties? Call  250 807 9100 (Toll-free: 1 866 596 0767) for assistance.

If our queue is full for the day, you will need to check back again the next business day to join the Virtual Line.

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If you would like to contact Academic Advising, please use our online contact form.

Note: we cannot provide academic advising services by email or through our contact form. The fastest way to speak with an academic advisor is to join the virtual line for a drop-in appointment.

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Tip: Don’t forget to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to many of our most commonly asked questions.  

Meet the team

Terina Mailer, profileI graduated with a UBC Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Sociology and a Masters degree in Education. In one way or another, I have been involved in education all of my professional life ~ from teaching abroad for ten years to having worked at UBC for the past ten years. Helping students attain their goals is something I’m very passionate about.

Being the first person to attend university in my family, I understand how confusing the post-secondary system can seem. Along with the other members of your Academic Advising Team, I take great pride in assisting you to find the information you need and use the tools available to navigate your way to degree completion.

Sometimes degree planning can seem overwhelming in combination with all other aspects of university and campus life. Our job is to help you find your way not only to a degree, but to the many valuable services that are available to you on campus. Please don’t hesitate to stop by and see us if you have any questions – we’re here to help!

I graduated from UBC’s Okanagan campus with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology. Shortly after graduating I became an employee of UBC’s Okanagan campus, working in the Enrolment Services office. Working in Enrolment Services allowed me to learn how the university functions behind the scenes. This behind the scenes work really sparked my interest in working with students. I joined the Academic Advising team because of the experiences I had as a student as well as my desire to help others succeed.  As a former student, I know the university experience can be complicated. My goal is to assist students with their academic planning and to help them develop the skills needed so they can really enjoy the other fun and exciting experiences at UBC Okanagan.

Andrew, profileAfter graduating with a UBC Bachelor of Arts degree, I completed a Post-Degree Professional Program at UVic to earn a BC Teaching Certificate. My career in education led me overseas, where I worked at Korea Aerospace University for 14 years and graduated from Yonsei University with a Masters in Korean Studies. Throughout these experiences, a lot of wonderful people gave me the guidance and encouragement I needed to help me achieve my academic and personal goals. As an Academic Advisor here at UBCO, I love having the opportunity to help students explore their own unique goals and aspirations and discover the tools available to help them succeed. Choosing the best academic path can be a daunting, complex and sometimes frustrating endeavor, but we can help you make sense of your options and make the most of your university experience. Likewise, we can make sure you’re on track to pursue rewarding life and career opportunities.

Derek Como, profileI graduated from UBC’s Okanagan campus with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Sociology. I’ve been in your shoes before as a student, and understand the complexities and struggles that go along with planning a degree. Smart academic planning has a lot to do with paying attention to your growing interests, and noticing how those interests may coincide with your degree requirements. Every student is unique and has their own goals; I am committed to helping you develop academic plans that are consistent with your interests, abilities, goals, and values. A plan is almost never something static you determine at the start of University and then stick with.

Andrea, profileI graduated from Okanagan University College with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Psychology. I was among the inaugural group of graduate students at UBC’s Okanagan Campus and completed a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, focused in psychology. I’ve had a diverse career path including clinical, research, and teaching experience as well as front line mental health work. A fundamental and common thread to every position has been building relationships and working with individuals to help them attain their personal goals. I love the energy and excitement on campus and am passionate about helping students prepare for their future careers, discover their own areas of passion, and ensure that they have the tools to succeed to their full potential. I understand that the university experience is exciting, yet challenging, and am committed to helping students carve an academic path that will allow them to achieve their goals, maintain a school-life balance, and open the doors to fulfilling career opportunities.

I grew up in Ajax, Ontario but decided to attend Dalhousie University in the BSc program with a major in Marine Biology. After graduation, I began my career in Student Services. While working as a Residence Life Manager at Dalhousie, I also received a Master of Education degree from Mount Saint Vincent University, also in Halifax, NS. After living and working on the east coast for many years, I am very excited to be a part of the UBC Okanagan advising team. I enjoy helping students navigate their own path at university as a way to discover what goals and achievements are most meaningful for them. Remember that getting involved on campus and in the community is the best way to enhance and enjoy your time here so let me know how I can help you get connected with opportunities on and off campus.

I graduated from SFU with a Major in Communications, a minor in Dialogue, and a Co-op distinction. Thanks to my academic and co-curricular programs, I discovered my passion for student affairs and my commitment to enhancing student’s academic success. I love working with students to help them understand their obstacles, strengths, and goals.

University can be a very challenging, yet rewarding experience. I aim to guide students to successfully navigate their degree, while having an extraordinary and positive time at UBC Okanagan. I firmly believe in the value of career and educational planning to meet personal goals and I look forward to assisting you with your academic plans!


Academic Advising
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