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Access Studies

AccessStudiesAccess Studies is an innovative program that offers flexible post-secondary learning options to people of all ages and backgrounds. Through Access Studies, people with varied academic curiosities have the opportunity to pursue knowledge, stretch their minds, and tackle academic challenges.

Students in this category may take up to 6 credits per academic term, up to a maximum of 24 credits in total while registered as Access Studies studentsContinuation as an Access Studies student is contingent upon maintaining a passing grade on all courses attempted.

People take courses through Access Studies:

  • to achieve non-academic or professional qualifications
  • to upgrade post-secondary qualifications
  • for general interest

Please visit the Academic Calendar for a full breakdown of the classification of students at UBC's Okanagan campus. Please email us at if you have any questions.

If you have already completed a degree, please follow the steps to apply to UBC's Okanagan campus as an Unclassified student.

When can I apply?

Courses start Deadline
May through August March 15
September July 15
January November 15

Am I eligible?

You can apply as an Access Studies student to take courses for general interest outside of a degree program if:

  • You meet the English language requirement
  • You meet UBC's Criteria for Access Studies students
  • You have previous work, school or volunteer experience
  • You don't currently plan to start or transition to a UBC degree program

How much does it cost?

    Tuition fees for UBC students are assessed on a per-credit basis and depend on the level of the course and the faculty in which it is offered.

    Most undergraduate courses are 3 or 6 credits in value, although there are exceptions. The course schedule will detail the credit value of a course. Students studying on campus at UBC are assessed student fees in addition to their tuition.

    Most student fees are assessed on a per-credit basis, so depending on how many credits you are taking, the total amount of student fees owing will fluctuate.

    Expect to pay about $100–$150 per course for course materials. Course materials are available through the UBC Okanagan Bookstore.

    How do I apply?

    Select your courses

    1. Search the course schedule for eligible courses
    2. Select Course Search and enter the subject area or keywords for your area of interest
    3. Write down your results

    If you're new to UBC

    •  Apply for courses. Include the specific courses from the course schedule that you wish to take
    • We will email you with confirmation of your application and your next steps.

    If you've registered in courses at UBC's Okanagan Campus before

    Email your request for an Access Studies student application to including your:

    • full name
    • UBC student number
    • date of birth
    • desired UBCO courses and their start dates (month and year)
    • other relevant academic history information

    What else do I need to know?

    • Enrolment for Access Studies Students is on a part-time basis in a limited selection of courses and programs.
    • Being admitted to UBC as an Access Studies student does not guarantee entrance to your requested courses or subsequent admission to a degree program at UBC.
    • To register you'll need to meet course prerequisites through previous study, relevant experience, or instructor permission.

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