UBCO Testing Services

Learning Services in the Office of the Provost and the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) are piloting a program in 2022/23 that will expand the level of support for invigilation at UBC Okanagan and coordinate services under the Disability Resource Centre (DRC).

The Disability Resource Centre (DRC) has extensive experience in providing invigilation services for students who qualify for alternate exam formats and has worked closely with faculty regarding the invigilation of online and in-person exams requiring accommodations. Leveraging this experience and expanding on the scope and nature of invigilation support within this department will utilize existing expertise, fill service gaps, and provide a centralized connection point for exam invigilation at UBC Okanagan for both faculty and students.

The scope of our testing & invigilation services:

  1. Continuation of existing exam invigilation for DRC-registered students requiring accommodations
  2. Supplemental support for the invigilation of online exams based on faculty request (previously operated out of the Provost’s Office)
  3. Coordination of invigilation in the Gym during final exams as needed (previously provided by Enrolment Services)
  4. Invigilation of out-of-time and standing deferred exams for non-DRC-registered students upon faculty request
  5. Invigilation of external fee-for-service exams (previously provided by Enrolment Services)


To request invigilation support, please click here to complete the online form.

Questions?  testingservices.ok@ubc.ca

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