Policies for all appointments in the Student Learning Hub

Student accounts

Students must book appointments under their own account (never under another student’s name); students are permitted only one account. Appointments booked under another account will be cancelled; additional accounts will be deleted.

Missed appointments

Multiple missed appointments may result in your account being disabled until we can assure you know how to attend your appointments. You cancel your appointments up to 5 minutes prior to the session by logging into WCOnline and selecting your appointment. If you cannot cancel via WCOnline, please let us know as soon as possible at learning.hub@ubc.ca.

If you are unsure why you were marked as missed, please assure you have booked the correct appointment type:

  • If you booked a Virtual Meeting appointment, you must attend the live session to receive feedback.
  • If you booked an eFeedback appointment, you must upload a document prior to the session time to recieve feedback.

Late appointments

To maximize our resources, if you are more than five minutes late for your appointment, you may forfeit that time if there are students on the waiting list or drop-ins.

Discussing marks

Student Learning Hub consultants will not provide advice about a mark that an assignment might achieve. They will also not discuss a mark that an assignment previously received.

Academic Integrity

According to UBC’s statement on Academic Honesty and Standards, “Academic honesty is essential to the continued functioning of the University of British Columbia as an institution of higher learning and research” and as such, all UBC students “are expected to behave as honest and responsible members of an academic community” (Okanagan Academic Calendar 2020/21). Accordingly, all students using Hub services and Hub tutors are obligated to adhere to the “applicable standards for academic honesty” and be aware that UBC’s standards may differ from those of other institutions.

If you have “any doubt as to the standard of academic honesty in a particular course or assignment,” you must consult with your instructor as soon as possible, because “in no case should a student submit an assignment if the student is not clear on the relevant standard of academic honesty” (Okanagan Academic Calendar 2020/21).

Policies for writing and language appointments

Group projects

We can provide writing and language support for small group projects (two to four people). However, sections written by absent group members will not be considered during the appointment. Group appointments are booked differently from one-on-one appointments, so if you would like to book an online writing or language appointment for a group project, please contact learning.hub@ubc.ca. 

Editing and proofreading essays

Because, according to standards of academic integrity,a student’s work must be their own, writing consultants will not edit, proofread, or write on a student’s work. Instead, they will assist students with the following:

  • understanding an assignment,
  • developing a draft,
  • clarifying an argument,
  • strategies for organizing materials,
  • presentation strategies,
  • understanding editing techniques and effective sentence structures,
  • and building beneficial writing habits.

Discussing marks

Student Learning Hub consultants will not provide advice about a mark that an assignment might achieve. They will also not discuss a mark that an assignment previously received.

Citation support

Because the Library already provides expert citation support, the Hub consultants will not review or assist with formatting citations or reference lists during consultations, which will help us maximize available resources.

Résumé support

Because Career Services in the Advising & Involvement Centre provide expert support for writing resumes and work related cover letters, the Hub will not review these documents. This will help ensure that Hub appointments can focus on supporting the academic needs of students.

Test preparation or take home exams

While consultants can provide general tips regarding test preparation, it is not possible for a consultant to provide any other type of exam preparation support. If the professor wishes to grant special permission for this kind of support, please have them contact us at learning.hub@ubc.ca.