Academic Integrity Matters (AIM)

The Academic Integrity Matters (AIM) program is now fully online and offered to help students learn about UBC Okanagan’s standards for academic honesty, how to properly credit and cite research, and how to avoid plagiarism issues.

Please refer students as early as possible.

To support students in learning about the best practices for academic integrity, the AIM program’s goals are to:

  • Intervene before disciplinary processes are instigated for academic integrity breaches.
  • Provide individually tailored appointments that offer opportunities to clarify understanding of academic integrity, develop skills for avoiding academic misconduct/dishonesty, practice correct citations, and understand the steps that are needed to create responsible academic writing.

How it works


Upon referral, the AIM coordinator emails the student with a self-enroll link to a self-guided Canvas course. The student must enroll in the Canvas course and complete several modules and knowledge-testing quizzes related to Academic Integrity.


Upon completion of the self-guided course, the student informs the AIM coordinator by email (, who arranges a Zoom meeting for them with an AIM consultant. Based on the student’s needs, the AIM consultant will develop an individualized plan during the first meeting for subsequent support.


After the student has signed the consent form, the faculty member will be sent reports on the student’s progress until the student has completed or discontinued the program.

If you are a faculty member wishing to refer a student who needs additional support for academic integrity, please fill out the referral form below.

Refer a student to Academic Integrity Matters (AIM)

Typically, a student is referred to the AIM program when a faculty member notices that a student is having issues related to academic integrity (such as trouble with integrating sources into their writing) or if the student expresses a need for additional support.


There may be many students moving through the AIM program simultaneously and appointments may be limited.