Degree Navigator

UBC has switched to a new system called Workday for courses starting in September 2024 and Degree Navigator will no longer be in use. Learn how to view your academic progress in Workday.

2024 Summer session students should continue to use SSC.

Keep track of your degree requirements and credits with your personalized Degree Navigator report, available through the Student Service Centre (SSC).

Benefits of using Degree Navigator

Degree Navigator is an interactive advising tool designed to help you make informed decisions regarding your academic program. Degree Navigator reports are programmed based on the Academic Calendar, and your Degree Navigator will default to the degree requirements in place at the time that you declare your major.

Note: If Degree Navigator is not showing the degree requirements that you expect, please connect with Academic Advising.

Your report can help you:

• evaluate registered courses against your degree requirements to ensure that you are on track for your degree and graduation.
• plan hypothetical registration scenarios for future sessions, including possible majors and minors.
• see how your transfer credits (if any) are being applied to your degree requirements.
• see the total missing credits for your graduation.


• Degree Navigator is not able to show the cumulative number of credits you need for a double major, major/honours, double honours, or major/minor combination. You will have to check reports separately for each specialization.

• Degree Navigator does not highlight courses being double-counted in specialization combinations (ie., double major, major/honours, double honours, or major/minor). There is a limit of six upper-level program-specific credits (typically two courses) that can be double-counted across specialization combinations as per the Academic Calendar. Please consult with Academic Advising to ensure that you are not double-counting in excess of the six credits permitted.

• Degree Navigator does not show the requirements for the CORH undergraduate certificate if you are completing this option. Please consult with the CORH program advisor to ensure you are fulfilling the requirements.

• Degree Navigator does not show double counting in the new BA degree program, which began in the 2021/22 Winter Session.

The BA degree requirements were revised for students entering the BA degree program in the 2021/22 Winter Session and subsequent sessions. The revised requirements permit the double-counting of the major program requirements and BA degree requirements. (Double counting means that one course is being used to meet two requirements.) Degree Navigator is unable to reflect this double counting to show students that they need to take additional coursework in any discipline to reach the 120 credits needed to complete the degree. Because each of the requirements of the BA can be met with courses from a range of disciplines, this issue will potentially impact every BA specialization currently offered.

In the example below, both PSYO 270 & PSYO 317 are being double-counted towards the BA requirements (Foundational/Distribution requirements) and the Psychology major requirements.

In the example above, when all categories have been completed, the Credit Requirements box will accurately show that the student is missing six credits (see below).  This is because even though all of the categories have been filled, the double-counting of six credits means that only 114 credits have been completed rather than the required 120 credits.  Accordingly, the student will need to complete an additional six credits of any coursework to meet the 120-credit requirement.

It is important to note that even after the completion of the extra six credits, the Credit Requirements box will still show that six credits are missing.

The six extra credits taken to meet the 120-credit requirement will instead appear in the “Courses Unused for this Program” category located at the end of the Degree Navigator Audit – Arts Report.

One helpful way of thinking about this is to imagine that double-counted coursework results in a corresponding increase in the Coursework in any Discipline category.  Below, Requirement V6 is showing that 21 credits are required.  However, if six credits have been double-counted, then, in fact, 27 credits will be required.  However, Degree Navigator does not have the ability to automatically increase the Requirement V6 box for double counting.  If you have questions or are unsure whether your credits are appearing correctly, please be sure to meet with an advisor.

Access your report

Log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC) and click on “Degree Navigator-Okanagan” under “Registration”. The Degree Navigator search field can be used to check your progress toward other specializations or programs.

To learn how to track your academic progress towards your degree completion using the Degree Navigator tool, please see the following step-by-step video tutorials: