Accessibility on campus

If getting around campus is a challenge, you may qualify for priority registration and/or classroom moves. If you are eligible for priority registration, you will be able to register one day early. In this way, you will be able to choose sections of courses that most fit your mobility needs. If your accommodations include classroom moves, you may be able to request the classroom moves in advance of the term. If you have a visual impairment that requires mobility training on campus, contact the DRC as early as possible.

While contributing to the unique character of the campus, significant grade changes occur in some locations on UBC’s Okanagan campus which could create barriers for students and visitors who are mobility impaired.

UBC is committed over time to providing universal accessibility at its facilities and requires that all Okanagan buildings meet British Columbia Building Code accessibility provisions.

In addition:

  • Primary and secondary circulation routes identified on Plan 2.2, and front door access links from parking and sidewalk areas are to be designed with the principle of universal accessibility in mind. Any of these routes which can not accommodate a wheelchair or disabled walker must be accompanied by an alternative access route within a reasonable distance.
  • Where ramps are required, they should be designed whenever possible as an integral part of the landscape or building. Handrails and guardrails should also receive careful attention.

Individuals who are non-ambulatory, hearing impaired, or visually impaired may require special assistance during an evacuation. These persons should inform their supervisors, co-worker, and the Building Emergency Director of the help that they will require in the event of an emergency. Most buildings have designated “Areas of Refuge” where non-ambulatory persons may await assistance from emergency personnel.

Single-user washrooms