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Our Academic & Career Advising team is here to support you during all the stages of your university journey. We are passionate about exploring the intersectionality of academics and career development as they relate to the individual, recognizing that no one journey is alike and all are worth exploring. So connect with the team and begin to explore and discover how to align your academic goals with your career and life goals.

Jana Petrone, Director, Academic, Career, and Experiential Education 

As a proud alumnus of UBC’s Okanagan campus with a BA in International Relations, I went on to complete a Master’s Degree at Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom and spent over a decade traveling and working in the UK, Cote D’Ivoire, Vietnam, and Toronto. I was excited to return to UBC Okanagan to help support students explore their career and life pathways during university and beyond.

Terina Mailer, Manager, Academic & Career Advising

I graduated with a UBC Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Sociology, and a Master’s degree in Education. I have been involved in education all of my professional life – from teaching abroad to having worked at UBC for the past ten years.

As the first person to attend university in my family, I understand how confusing the post-secondary system can seem. I take great pride in assisting you in navigating your way to degree completion.

Sam Larsen, Team Lead, Academic & Career Advising

I have been with UBC since 2012 – first as an undergraduate student in Vancouver studying International Relations and African Studies and then transitioning to working on the Okanagan campus in 2016 with Student Housing while completing a Masters of Education. I joined the Academic & Career Advising team because I am passionate about the student experience. I love our campus community and would be happy to meet with you to take on the hurdles of degree planning, utilizing academic and career resources, as well as accessing the many services on our campus so that you can make the most of your time with us.

Jessica Beck, Academic & Career Advisor

I graduated from UBCO with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology. I joined the Academic & Career Advising team because of the experiences I had as a student as well as my desire to help others succeed.  As a former student, I know the university experience can be complicated. My goal is to assist students with their academic planning and to help them develop the skills needed so they can really enjoy the other fun and exciting experiences at UBC Okanagan.

Andrew Calhoun, Academic & Career Advisor

After graduating with a UBC Bachelor of Arts degree, I completed a Post-Degree Professional Program at UVic to earn a BC Teaching Certificate. My career in education led me overseas, where I worked at Korea Aerospace University for 14 years and graduated from Yonsei University with a Masters in Korean Studies. Throughout these experiences, I received support from a lot of wonderful people. As an Academic & Career Advisor, I love having the opportunity to help students explore their own unique goals and aspirations and discover the tools available to help them succeed.

Andrea Klassen, Academic & Career Advisor

I graduated from Okanagan University College with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Psychology. I was among the inaugural group of graduate students at UBCO and completed a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, focused in psychology. I love the energy on campus and am passionate about helping students prepare for their future careers, discover their areas of passion, and ensure that they have the tools to succeed to their full potential. I understand that the university experience is exciting, yet challenging, and am committed to helping students carve an academic path that will allow them to achieve their goals, maintain a school-life balance, and open doors to fulfilling career opportunities.

Jamie Yamaoka, Academic & Career Advisor

Having worked in post-secondary education since 2007, I understand that university can be a very challenging, yet rewarding experience.

Thanks to my academic and co-curricular programs in my degree at SFU (B.A. Major in Communications, Minor in Dialogue, Co-op Distinction), I discovered my passion for student affairs and inner commitment to enhancing students’ academic success. As an Academic & Career Advisor at UBCO, I love having the opportunity to provide academic support to students as they explore their own aspirations and make the most of their university experience!

Elisha Ramage, Academic & Career Advisor

I graduated from the University of Southampton in 2016. Shortly after, I began teaching English as an additional language to international students in London, a career that would ultimately take me to Spain, Japan, Italy, and then back to the University of Southampton where I began teaching academic skills.

Post-secondary education can be a wild ride, especially when you’re far from home, or you’re the first in your family to attend University. Our team is here to help you navigate both the highs and lows, and empower you with essential skills to help you succeed.

Jennifer Janok, Academic & Career Advisor

I have been in post-secondary institutions as either a student or an employee for the past 25 years. I hold two Bachelor of Arts degrees (Classical Studies and Honours Anthropology) and trained in archaeology and museum studies.  I’ve been with UBCO for 12 years with the former Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences and the current Faculty of Science. My passion is providing the highest quality of helpful, meaningful service tailored to each individual student. From learning what happens both inside and outside the classroom, I believe in creating a balance between our academics and life.

Paul Zeng, Academic & Career Advisor

I grew up in the northeast of China, because of its long winter months and being close to Russia, hockey was one of the popular winter sports participated by people of all ages at various levels. I was very lucky to be streamed into the Chinese Men`s Hockey program where I had a 13-year athletic career playing hockey and competing in tournaments. After my hockey career, I went to ShenYang Sport University China to complete a Bachelor degree in Physical Education. I received my Master`s Degree from Gonzaga University, focusing in Sports & Athletic Administration. In 2010, I permanently moved to Canada and Kelowna has been the place I call home since.

My career path in Canadian higher education started in 2015. Since then, I have worked at Thompson Rivers University, Okanagan College, and the University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus. It`s been very fortunate to have this ongoing profession where I have the opportunity to work with lots of amazing people and students from all around the world. I am very excited to work with our advising team to continue to provide academic support to our students and to help them achieve their educational and personal goals at UBC Okanagan.

Dia Kabunda, Academic & Career Advisor


I have many names, but I invite you to call me Dia. Ubuntu, meaning – ‘I Am Because You Are’, is my life walk and I welcome intercultural and interdisciplinary learning and sharing. Come to UNC 207 for advising or a chat. This space was successfully able to advise me as a UBCO student, so it gives me great pleasure that I am able to give back.

Nitumezi ahulu (Thank you very much).

Holly Yacynuk, Academic & Career Advisor

I have been a member of the UBC Okanagan Community since 2016, first as a BA student studying Geography, and then as a professional staff member in a number of roles across campus. I am grateful for all of the opportunities and experiences UBC has given me, and love helping students discover their path to enriching their university experience. I believe we are always learning and always growing, and love each and every opportunity I get to meet new people. 

Jackson Traplin, Academic & Career Advisor

I joined UBC Okanagan in 2016 as a transfer student in the Bachelor of Arts program and I graduated with my degree in 2021 majoring in Indigenous Studies. With amazing support from UBCO staff and faculty, I broadened my student experience by taking part in Work Study, Co-op, volunteer and research opportunities. As an Academic and Career Advisor, my goal is to provide students with concise advising as well as inspire them to take full advantage of their time here at UBC Okanagan.

Allan Nganga, Academic & Career Advisor

Having graduated from UBCO with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, I’ve had the privilege of participating in various roles within the university community, both during and after my studies. Being part of UBCO’s collaborative support network has shown me the strong sense of community we have on our campus. By fostering partnerships with students, faculty, and staff, I work to create an inclusive environment where every student can receive holistic and tailored guidance. I look forward to helping students make the most of their time at UBCO by getting involved in our communities and working toward their academic, career, and personal goals.


Academic & Career Advising
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