Taking a break from UBC

UBC Okanagan allows students to take a leave of absence of up to 12 months. To learn more about academic leave and the implications, visit courses, money & enrolment.

Can I take time off from UBC?

If you are a Nursing, Education, or Engineering student, you must seek approval from your faculty or school prior to taking an academic leave.

If you are a Human Kinetics, Management, Science, Arts, or Fine Arts student in good academic standing, you can take an academic leave for one academic year and still have automatic eligibility to register in the following Winter Session.

For example, if you left UBC in good standing after finishing Winter Session 2016, you will automatically be able to register in the following:

  • Summer Session 2017 (starting in April 2017)
  • Winter Session 2017 (starting in September 2017)
  • Summer Session 2018 (starting in April 2018)
  • Winter Session 2018 (starting in September 2018)

If you plan on taking more than one academic year off you will be required to apply for readmission. The application is found on the Student Service Centre (SSC) and is typically due in January. Eligibility for readmission will be assessed using the grades from your last Winter Session at UBC Okanagan.

Before you leave

Students with a student loan or scholarship are advised to consult with Student Services prior to taking a leave as there may be financial implications.