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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I require my entire class to see a Writing Consultant in the Student Learning Hub?

Although you are welcome to encourage your class to utilize all supports in the Student Learning Hub, we do not recommend obligating an entire class to book an appointment as a course requirement or for extra credit.

Such requirements may strain our limited resources and this practice can result in unproductive consultations.

How can I encourage my class to use the Student Learning Hub?

We encourage instructors to include a statement in their syllabi encouraging students to book an appointment with a writing consultants in the Student Learning Hub to get feedback at any stage of the writing process (see below).

At the beginning of each term we circulate a slide show that you can share with your class about the Student Learning Hub. If you have not received our slide show, email learning.hub@ubc.ca.

In addition, our consultants can provide a visit to your class to provide a five to ten minute overview of the Student Learning Hub at your request. Email learning.hub@ubc.ca.

Do you have an example of information about the Student Learning Hub that I can add to my syllabus?

Feel free to copy or customize the following statement:

The Student Learning Hub is your go-to resource for free learning support—now online and flexible to meet your remote learning needs! The Hub welcomes undergraduate students from all disciplines and years to access a range of supports that include tutoring in math, sciences, languages, and writing, as well as dedicated learning support to help you develop skills and strategies for academic success. Don’t wait—successful learners access support early and often. For more information, visit students.ok.ubc.ca/hub or contact learning.hub@ubc.ca

Feel free to copy or customize the following statement specifically for writing supports:

Improve your writing with free support from the Student Learning Hub—now online and flexible to meet your remote learning needs! Undergraduate students from every discipline, working on any type of written course assignment (or presentation), are welcome. We support writers at all stages of the writing process, from getting started and planning to drafting and revising. Peer writing consultants focus on your needs as a writer—they don’t “edit” or “proofread.” Instead, they listen, read, ask questions, and share strategies for doing it yourself, allowing you to explore your innate writing talents and discover a path to academic success that is uniquely yours. Don’t wait—successful learners access support early and often. Visit students.ok.ubc.ca/hub or contact learning.hub@ubc.ca

My students are working on a group project. Can the whole group come in for an appointment with a writing consultant?

Yes. Students may contact learning.hub@ubc.ca to book a group consultation if they are working on a group assignment. However, a consultant will not discuss work written by an absent group member.

Can I link to your page or use your materials (online presentations, writing handouts, workshop descriptions) on my Canvas course page?

Feel free to utilize or link to any materials created by our staff, but you may need to request permission for materials from other institutions that are linked to our site.

I’m not a writing teacher, but I’d like to incorporate more writing in my courses. What advice can you offer?

Advice about writing instruction varies based on its purpose and context: general, discipline specific, or writing across the curriculum. E-mail learning.hub@ubc.ca if you are interested in consulting about incorporating, designing, or revising writing assignments in any field or discipline.

How do I get Supplemental Learning or LearnSmart in my class?

When considering which courses receive SL support, we use the following criteria – if the course has a high (drop-fail-withdrawal) DFW rate, if lots of students are enrolled in the course, and if the course is a core prerequisite to continue in a degree or major. Using data from the previous winter session, we proactively identify which courses may benefit from SL and contact Faculty to discuss including the support for the following school year. If you do not have SL in your class but think it would be helpful, you are welcome to contact us at learning.hub@ubc.ca.

Do you help students with their study skills, exam preparation, time management, etc.?

Yes! Online Learning Coaches (OLCs) and the Learning Strategist are available and here to help! OLCs offer individualized support in the form of a one-on-one strength based conversation. By helping their peers develop skills in online learning strategies, time management, procrastination, motivation, exam preparation, reading textbooks, note taking, and much more, OLCs encourage exploration and facilitate positive changes to students’ studying and learning practices. For professional learning support, our Learning Strategist is available to help any student on campus, but they specialize in providing support for student groups listed here. Faculty can refer students directly to the Learning Strategist or students can book a meeting with the Learning Strategist or an Online Learning Coach.