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The learning strategist


need professional learning support?

Look no further! The Learning Strategist can help you reach your highest potential. Using educational, diagnostic, and interview data to understand you as a learner, the Learning Strategist will guide your individual exploration, encourage positive change to your learning and studying practices, and help you achieve success through enhanced learning support experiences.

The Learning Strategist is available to help any student on campus, but they specialize in providing support for the following groups:

  • Self-identified Aboriginal students
  • International students
  • Students athletes
  • Students with disabilities
  • Graduate students
  • Students on academic probation
  • Students returning from failed standing
  • Students who have partaken in academic misconduct

Greetings! My name is Bart Lambrecht. I was born and raised in Belgium, and I got my Master’s in Applied Linguistics from Leicester University in the UK. Over the past 20 years, I have worked to enhance students’ learning experience in academic settings in China, Iran, and Canada. My experience with these academic cultures and practices continues to shape my understanding of how the learning process is influenced by positive and negative factors. It has taught me that every individual’s approach to learning and understanding is uniquely different and that our relationship with education and self-improvement flourishes in a challenging but supportive environment.

Metacognitive learning strategies, self-regulatory strategies, and task-oriented techniques provide valuable tools that boost student success, particularly for those challenged by traditionally underserved areas. I take great pleasure in assisting you to find the right combination—your unique toolkit—that will prepare you for a future in which life-long learning is a dependable partner in your success.

I do realize and acknowledge that a Learning Strategist is only a small cog in a very large clockwork. All the support groups and various faculties play a vital role in making you, the student, successful. Together, through caring and informed cooperation, we will make sure that your university experience will be a treasured memory.

I look forward to working with you!

The Learning Strategist is available Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

To arrange a meeting with the Learning Strategist or refer a student for support, please follow the appropriate instructions below for accessing services for students or services for faculty and staff.

For additional information, contact



To discuss your current study habits, explore your academic goals, and adjust your approach to learning with practical strategies that are tailored to your goals, book a one-on-one consultation with the Learning Strategist.

To book a one-on-one appointment with the Learning Strategist on QReserve:

  1. Click “Book with the Learning Strategist” below or go to and login with your CWL.
  2. From your “Dashboard” or “Sites,” find the “UBCO – Student Learning Hub” and click.
  3. You can view the schedule for The Learning Strategist on the right side of the page. (If this link does not work for you, use the one above first)


To book a one-on-one appointment with the Learning Strategist on QReserve:

  1. Go to and login with your CWL.
  2. Once logged in, complete your profile when prompted.
  3. From your “Dashboard” or “Sites,” find the “UBCO – Student Learning Hub” and click.
  4. Once joined, you’ll be able to view the schedule for The Learning Strategist on the right side of the page. (If this link does not work for you, use first)
  5. Choose your preferred day, time, and appointment format by filling out the appointment form, then press Reserve. You will receive a “Approval Pending” email when you request your appointment and a “Request Approved” email once it has been approved.

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Who should I meet with?

Learning Strategist?

If you would like professional learning support and/or identify as part of a group the Learning Strategist provides specialized support for, we recommended you book a virtual or in-person one-on-one consultation with the Learning Strategist. In partnership with you, the Learning Strategist will take an in-depth look at your learning, provide you with tailored guidance, and support your academic growth.

… or Peer Mentor?

For help with general study skills, we suggest you book a one-on-one meeting with your Peer Mentor. Peer Mentors are seasoned, upper year students who are UBC Okanagan campus experts. Your peer mentor is your first point of connection and is here to answer all your questions, refer you to campus resources, and help you enhance your study skills for the university environment.

Still not sure who to meet with? Contact us!


Faculty and staff can see students through a different lens. If you have identified an individual or group of students who might benefit from meeting with a Learning Strategist, submit a referral for support.

The Learning Strategist will review the submission, reach out if more information is needed, and contact the student(s) to arrange a virtual consultation. Working together, the Learning Strategist will support students to understand what they need to do, know the actions necessary to reach their learning goals, and chart their progress along the way.

Refer to the learning strategist

The Learning Strategist can provide additional supports for faculty/staff, including:

    • Creating discipline specific seminars or workshops that address learner needs. The Learning Strategist works with faculty to design discipline specific seminars that complement the instruction students receive.
    • Identifying key strategies that may enhance course learning outcomes. The Learning Strategist works collaboratively with faculty to integrate study skill development into their classes.
    • Partnering with faculty to provide the content and skills students need to develop as lifelong learners. The Learning Strategist can help faculty embed metacognitive strategies into their foundational courses or programs.

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