Events & workshops

In addition to tutoring services, the Student Learning Hub offers a range of extracurricular experiences to support your learning.

Upcoming events:

We will be sharing a list of workshops for next term in January!



Stop Procrastination Station

In collaboration with the Library, the Student Learning Hub provides evening drop-in writing and research support on the first floor of the library with Librarians and Writing Consultants at crucial times during both Winter terms. Please see our events calendar for specific dates.

Fresh Start! Pop-up Writing Support

At the beginning of the Winter Term 2, the Student Learning Hub operates pop-up writing consultations to help you get back in writing groove. Please see our events calendar for specific dates.

Writing workshops

A series of lunch and learn writing workshops take place over the course of both Winter terms. These workshops cover topics such as planning a paper, crafting thesis statements and paragraphs, integrating sources, and editing your writing. Please see our events calendar for specific dates.


Feel fuzzy on high school math and science concepts? Forget how to factor? Feel lost without your calculator? Reboot your memory and refresh your skills with Back-to-Basics review sessions.

A foundation in high school math is essential to success in university-level chemistry, math, and physics. Back-to-Basics is a series of tutor-led review sessions that will help you relearn those important math concepts and get prepared for your first year science courses. Join us for a session, or two, or three, and get Back-to-Basics.

How do I attend?

Sessions are offered throughout the beginning of September. You are welcome to drop-in for any or all of them.