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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Senate confer Degrees?

Undergraduate degrees are conferred  in May and November of each year.  Graduate degrees are conferred in February, May, September and November of each year.

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I don't plan on attending the ceremony. Do I still need to apply to graduate?

Yes, you are required to apply for graduation regardless of whether you are able to attend the ceremony. If you do not apply, you will not graduate.

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I have completed my degree requirements. When can I apply to graduate?

The Spring graduation application is open in the Student Service Centre from December 15 and closes at the end of February. In order to qualify for June graduation, all degree requirements must be completed by April 30.

The Fall graduation applications is open from June 15 and closes mid-September. In order to qualify for November graduation, all degree requirements must be completed by October 31.

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I have missed the deadline to apply for graduation. Can I still graduate?

Please email the UBC Okanagan Graduation Office at and you will be advised on a course of action.

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My degree specialization listed on my graduation application is not correct. What should I do?

Visit the Student Service Centre. Log in and go to Applications/Graduation. In the menu on the left, select the correct degree program and then hit the Get/Edit/View Application button. If you have any additional problems, contact your faculty/school advising office or email the UBC Okanagan Graduation Office at

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When will I know that my graduation application has been approved?

Your application to graduate will be reviewed in October (for November graduation) and in April (for June graduation). The final approval will be noted on the SSC about a week prior to the convocation ceremony. 

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I am on Financial Hold. Will I still be able to graduate?

Yes, you can graduate and participate in the graduation ceremonies; however, you will not receive your diploma or have access to your transcripts until all academic fees have been paid.

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I am taking courses required for graduation at another university with a Letter of Permission. What should I do?

Order your official transcript and have it couriered directly to:

Attention: Enrolment Services

UBC Okanagan Campus
Enrolment Services
UNC 322, 3333 University Way
Kelowna, BC, Canada  V1V 1V7

Email the UBC Okanagan Graduation Office at to let the graduation coordinator know that you have a pending transfer credit.

Please Note: Where transfer credit is required in order for a student to graduate but is not transferred in time, then the student must reapply to graduate during the next graduation.

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I am a UBC Okanagan student. Can I attend the Vancouver ceremonies?

No, UBC Okanagan students cannot attend Vancouver ceremonies, and UBC Vancouver students cannot attend Okanagan ceremonies.

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I need proof that I have completed my degree requirements, but the degree is not noted on my record yet.

You can print a Program Completion letter from the SSC: Grades & Records > Program Completion Letter.  If a letter is not available, please contact your Dean's office and they can issue one directly.

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I am recently married. Can I change the name on my diploma?

The name that appears on your diploma must be your legal name. Any request for a name change must be sent to  The request must be accompanied by legal documentation.

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When is my graduation ceremony?

Ceremony information can be found online at Graduation at UBC.

Please check your graduation application for your ceremony and procession numbers.

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Is there a graduation ceremony in November?

No. You can have your degree conferred in November, but there is no fall graduation ceremony at UBC Okanagan. You will be invited to participate in the following June graduation ceremony.

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When can I have my graduation photos taken?

Students may have their grad photos taken through the following options:

Before graduation

Grad and professional photos will be taken on campus by GradImages in the Arts Foyer on the following dates and times:


  • Reservations can be made clicking the link below.

    On or after graduation

  • Students attending graduation ceremony: GradImages is on campus and available for students to have graduation photos taken on graduation day
  • Students not planning to attending the graduation ceremony: you are welcome to contact GradImages and schedule an appointment when it is convenient.

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How do I order my cap and gown?

You can order your cap and gown online via the UBC Okanagan bookstore. Consult their website for deadlines.

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I am not in my last year of the program. Why am I being prompted to apply to graduate?

Some degree or diploma/certificate programs do not have year levels, so the system cannot determine when you'll be completing your program. For some programs, students may take from eight months to five years to graduate. We want to make sure that those who are eligible to graduate know they should apply. The graduation application is open to any student registered in year 4 or above.

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I have applied for graduation by mistake. How can I withdraw my application?

You can withdraw your graduation application by e-mailing a written request to, or faxing it to 250.807.8007. When you are ready to graduate, please remember to apply again.

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I checked my graduation application on the Student Service Centre, and it says my status is Degree Conferred. What does this mean?

Congratulations! Degree Conferred means the UBC Okanagan Senate has approved your graduation, and your degree has been officially noted on your student record.  Your transcript will now show your conferred degree.

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