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Changing the name on your diploma 

The name on your official student record will be the name printed on your diploma. However, there are some acceptable name change requests you can make for your diploma. 

Acceptable name changes include:

·         An unused first name may be abbreviated to initials: ie. J. Mary Smith

·         Middle names may be abbreviated to initials or omitted from the parchment

·         Adopted names or nicknames may be added to a parchment within brackets: ie. Mei Mei (Jane) Wong, Jane (Brown) Smith, Matthew (Mat) Smith.

If you are attending UBC under a married name your birth name can be printed on your diploma upon presentation of appropriate ID. Your birth name can be added to your records for future reference if necessary.

If you have had a legal name change and would like to update this on your diploma, you can update your legal name by contacting Enrolment Services at 250.807.9100.  After making the name change, email the Okanagan graduation staff (email below) to ensure your graduation application has been updated. 

When to make a name change request

To have your diploma updated with a name change, your request must be submitted by November 7, 2015. Requests after this deadline will require a replacement diploma request. 

How to submit a name change request

If you make a name change request in person this will only update your student record. Please email your campus's graduation department (above) to make sure your diploma is updated.

1.    Provide appropriate government-issued ID, such as:

·         valid driver’s licence

·         passport

·         birth certificate

·         government issued marriage certificate

2.    Take a digital picture or PDF scan of your official photo ID 

·         include your name and student number

3.    Email your request​ 

·         Okanagan Graduation staff:

Making name change requests in person

If you make a name change request in person this update may not be reflected on your graduation application. Please email the Okanagan graduation staff (see above) to make sure your diploma is updated.

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