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Registration Blocks for Repeated Fails

Effective 2017/Summer session, students will be unable to register (blocked) in a course that they have failed twice. Students or administrators attempting to register a student into a course that has two failed attempts will receive an error message and the course add action will be blocked. This is in alignment with the Advancement Regulations “Except with permission of the dean of the faculty providing the course of study, or where the faculty provides otherwise in its advance regulations, no student may repeat a course more than once found on the UBCO Calendar

Who will this affect?

All undergraduate students taking Okanagan campus courses during any sessions.

What do I do next?

Please contact the respective Faculty/Dean's Office that the failed course is housed-in to obtain approval to retake the course. Faculty contact information provided below.

Faculty of Applied Science:

School of Engineering Advisors

Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

Sharon Malkinson & Coleen Stothers (Associate Dean’s Assistants)


Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies:

Shauna Oddleifson (Associate Dean’s Assistant)



School of Health & Exercise Sciences (HMKN):

Jennifer Rhodes (Administrative Assistant to Director)


School of Nursing (NRSG):

Manuela Reekie (Assistant Director)



Faculty of Management:

Jan Cioe (Academic Lead for Undergraduate Studies)


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