Accessible parking and transportation

Accessible parking on campus

UBC Okanagan offers accessible parking for persons whose disability or health condition limits their mobility.


Any faculty, staff, student, or any other person who is associated with the University who has a disability or health condition which limits their mobility may request accessible parking with appropriate medical documentation. This includes persons whose mobility limitations are temporary due to injury or short term health conditions.

How to arrange accessible parking

Faculty and staff

Contact the Human Resources WRAP coordinator:


  • Bring medical documentation which describes the functional impact of a disability or health condition to the Disability Resource Centre (UNC 214). The documentation must be completed by a medical professional and indicate the anticipated duration of the disability or health condition.
  • If you have a valid SPARC Pass or City of Kelowna Disabled Parking Pass registered in your name bring it to the DRC at the time of the interview.
  • You also need to have your license plate number, vehicle make, and model you will be using.
  • Upon review of the above information, the DRC manager will provide you with a Confirmation Letter.
  • You then take the completed letter to the UBCO Parking Services office to purchase an accessibility parking permit (“M” Permit).
  • You are responsible for any fees or costs associated with having an accessibility parking permit.

Parking with an ‘M’ Permit

  • Designated parking stalls are located throughout the campus in Lots E, F, G, S, and residences, an ‘M’ Permit can be used on any of these stalls.
  • All accessibility passes for these designated stalls are priced the same.

Accessible parking on campus without an ‘M’ Permit

  1. Any other person or visitor who wants to park on campus and who have a valid SPARC or City of Kelowna Disabled Parking pass may park in the designated metered parking stalls by Lots E, F, G, and S.
  2. The meter must be compensated to show valid parking time or risk the possibility of having a violation ticket for an expired meter issued.

Important information

  • UBC Okanagan Parking Services will not issue accessibility parking passes without the DRC confirmation letter.
  • UBC Okanagan Parking Services will not be accountable for assessing or monitoring of the DRC validation process.

For more information about parking on campus, visit


Getting to campus

You can access UBC Okanagan using a variety of transportation methods. Numerous wheelchair-accessible city buses arrive from surrounding communities from early in the morning until late in the evening.

Individuals who are not able to use the bus system because of their disabilities may be able to use the HandyDART. The HandyDART is a shared-ride public transit service that uses specially equipped vehicles designed to carry passengers with physical or cognitive disabilities who are unable to use public transit without assistance.

U-Pass exemptions

Any UBCO student that meets one or more of the following criteria may request an exemption:

  • Is a registered user of HandyDart in the Kelowna region.
  • Has a demonstrated disability which has been verified by the UBCO Disability Resource Centre; and who cannot use public transit as a result of this disability.

For more information about U-Pass, refer to the UBCSUO.