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Registration Dates

2017/18 Winter Registration Dates (September 2017 - April 2018)

Your personalized registration open date and time is available on the SSC.   You will be emailed approximately two weeks before your registration opens to alert you that your data and time have been set.  

Check and update your email address on your SSC to ensure you receive this message.

Register any time between your registration open date and the course withdrawal date.


Date Students
June 20 to June 22 First-year students
July 4 to July 6 Second-year students
June 27 to June 29
Third-year students
June 13 to June 15 Fourth- and fifth-year students and diploma students
July 18 Visiting students
July 20 Unclassified and Access Studies students
June 8
Graduate students


2017 Summer Registration Dates

Your personalized registration date will be available to view on the SSC in late February.

Exact times will be set during the third week of February and students will get an email telling them that if they plan to take summer courses to check their course schedule for their reg date/time.  Students will be able to pay their registration deposit at that time as well.

Date Students
March 10  First Year Students
March 9 Second Year Students
March 8 Third Year Students
March 7 Year 4, Year 5, Diploma Students
March 14 Visiting Students
March 21 Unclassified/Access Studies Students
March 6 Graduate Students

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