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Appointment & Drop-in options

You can meet with an Academic & Career Advisor by scheduling an appointment or by dropping in. To access either of these appointment types, join the virtual line below. 

If you have questions about programs or courses offered by the School of Engineering click here.

Hours of service

Scheduled appointments

Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm PT 

If you do not see any current availability, please check back later. Additional appointments are released 72 hours in advance. 

Drop-in appointments

Monday to Thursday from 1 to 4 pm PT

View current wait time.

Please note that throughout March our office is undergoing painting. We apologize for any interruptions this may cause. 

Read the FAQ before joining the line or while you wait

Are you a First Year or New-to-UBC Student?

 Our Academic Advising Assistant is here to answer your questions related to:

  • How to use Degree Navigator & the Academic Calendar
  • Exploring Program Plans
  • How to use the SSC/build a worklist
  • How to use the First Year Planning Guides
  • General registration and degree planning inquiries

Our Academic Advising Assistant is available for drop-in services as follows:

  • Mondays 10 am to 2 pm – In person only, UNC 207
  • Wednesdays and Fridays 12:30 to 4:30 pm – In person (UNC 207) or Zoom (see below)


  • Meeting ID: 984 779 2678
  • Passcode: 304240

Please note the Academic Advising Assistant will not be providing academic advice. If your questions fall outside of the scope of the topics listed above, please connect with an Academic & Career Advisor.

Before you speak to an Academic & Career Advisor

Have you checked the FAQs? Save time and explore answers to the most frequently asked questions related to advising services, degree planning, transfer credits, and records and registration.

Read the FAQ

Not sure whether you should book an appointment or drop in?

Scheduled appointments are 30 minutes and great for discussing your long-term plans and goals or complicated academic and career matters. Appointments are released on a rolling basis to a maximum of one week in advance. If you don’t find an appointment available, continue to check back as students sometimes cancel and new appointments are released regularly.

System limitations do not allow us to show appointment availability prior to the input of personal details. We apologize for that inconvenience and have logged this with the vendor for future improvements.

Drop-in appointments are 10 or 15 minutes and are ideal for quick or immediate-need types of questions.

Current wait time for drop-in advising

Academic & Career Advising - Drop-ins Currently CLOSED
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Forecast wait time

10 min

If our queue is closed or full for the day, this means all advisors are fully booked or assisting other students. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add more students to the queue once it is full, so you will need to check back throughout the day or try again the next business day.

The drop-in queue may fill up very quickly during times of high demand, like during course registration and the start of term. For the best chance of getting a drop-in appointment, join the virtual line as soon as it opens for the day. View the virtual line status.

Having technical difficulties? Call 1 866 596 0767 for assistance.

*Please note that on March 2nd the Drop-in Line will only be open from 2:30-4pm 


Instructions: using the virtual line to access scheduled and drop-in appointments

The virtual line is used for:

  • Booking scheduled appointments, both in-person or over the telephone
  • Dropping in, both in-person and over the telephone

You select the appointment type you prefer once you join the line. When you join the virtual line, you will be prompted to provide your name, student number, and a 10-digit telephone number where you can be contacted. If this is a cell phone number, you can also receive SMS message updates to let you know approximately how long your wait time will be.

Have an international phone number? Don’t worry! If your phone number does not fit in the first phone number field, you will be able to provide it in full later in the virtual line sign-up process.

When you reach the front of the drop-in queue or your scheduled appointment time:

  • If you have requested an in-person appointment: you will receive an SMS message inviting you to the advisor’s office for your appointment
  • If you have requested a telephone appointment: an Academic & Career Advisor will call you at the telephone number provided.

School of Engineering

For questions about programs or courses offered by the School of Engineering, contact School of Engineering Academic Advising.

Course-specific inquiries

If you have questions about a specific course, please contact the course instructor or the department offering the course.

Meet the team

As a proud alumnus of UBC’s Okanagan campus with a BA in International Relations, I went on to complete a Master’s Degree at Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom and spent over a decade traveling and working in the UK, Cote D’Ivoire, Vietnam, and Toronto. I was excited to return to UBC Okanagan to help support students explore their career and life pathways during university and beyond.

Our newly merged Academic and Career Development Team is here to support you during all the stages of your university journey.  Our team is passionate about exploring the intersectionality of career development as it relates to the individual.  No one journey is alike and all are worth exploring. So connect with the team and begin to explore and discover how to align your academic goals with your career and life goals.  We look forward to meeting you in year 1 and every year that you continue to be a part of the UBC community!


Terina Mailer, profileI graduated with a UBC Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Sociology and a Masters degree in Education. In one way or another, I have been involved in education all of my professional life ~ from teaching abroad for ten years to having worked at UBC for the past ten years. Helping students attain their goals is something I’m very passionate about.

Being the first person to attend university in my family, I understand how confusing the post-secondary system can seem. Along with the other members of your Academic & Career Advising Team, I take great pride in assisting you to find the information you need and use the tools available to navigate your way to degree completion.

Sometimes degree planning can seem overwhelming in combination with all other aspects of university and campus life. Our job is to help you find your way not only to a degree, but to the many valuable services that are available to you on campus. Please don’t hesitate to stop by and see us if you have any questions – we’re here to help!

I graduated from UBC’s Okanagan campus with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology. Shortly after graduating, I became an employee of UBC’s Okanagan campus, working in the Enrolment Services office. Working in Enrolment Services allowed me to learn how the university functions behind the scenes. This behind-the-scenes work really sparked my interest in working with students. I joined the Academic & Career Advising team because of the experiences I had as a student as well as my desire to help others succeed.  As a former student, I know the university experience can be complicated. My goal is to assist students with their academic planning and to help them develop the skills needed so they can really enjoy the other fun and exciting experiences at UBC Okanagan.

Andrew, profileAfter graduating with a UBC Bachelor of Arts degree, I completed a Post-Degree Professional Program at UVic to earn a BC Teaching Certificate. My career in education led me overseas, where I worked at Korea Aerospace University for 14 years and graduated from Yonsei University with a Masters in Korean Studies. Throughout these experiences, a lot of wonderful people gave me the guidance and encouragement I needed to help me achieve my academic and personal goals. As an Academic & Career Advisor here at UBCO, I love having the opportunity to help students explore their own unique goals and aspirations and discover the tools available to help them succeed. Choosing the best academic path can be a daunting, complex and sometimes frustrating endeavour, but we can help you make sense of your options and make the most of your university experience. Likewise, we can make sure you’re on track to pursue rewarding life and career opportunities.

Andrea KlassenI graduated from Okanagan University College with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Psychology. I was among the inaugural group of graduate students at UBC’s Okanagan Campus and completed a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, focused in psychology. I’ve had a diverse career path including clinical, research, and teaching experience as well as front line mental health work. A fundamental and common thread to every position has been building relationships and working with individuals to help them attain their personal goals. I love the energy and excitement on campus and am passionate about helping students prepare for their future careers, discover their own areas of passion, and ensure that they have the tools to succeed to their full potential. I understand that the university experience is exciting, yet challenging, and am committed to helping students carve an academic path that will allow them to achieve their goals, maintain a school-life balance, and open the doors to fulfilling career opportunities.

Alana WrightI am originally from the tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. I lived in Washington D.C. for 13 years where I earned my PhD in Psychology from Howard University. While in Graduate School I taught a variety of courses and realized how fulfilling it is to work with students. I love their energy and how hopeful they are about their bright futures! As a previous international student, Academic Advising was critical to my academic success and well-being. I fondly remember my Academic Advisors to this day and my hope is to be that pillar of support to my students that my Advisors were to me. I seek to help students to navigate the unfamiliar and often challenging terrain that is tertiary education so that their UBCO experience is positive, memorable, and part of a strong foundation for a happy life.

Jamie Yamaoka

Having worked in post-secondary education since 2007, I understand that university can be a very challenging, yet rewarding experience.

Thanks to my academic and co-curricular programs in my degree at SFU (B.A. Major in Communications, Minor in Dialogue, Co-op Distinction), I discovered my passion for student affairs and inner commitment to enhancing student’s academic success. As an Academic & Career Advisor at UBC Okanagan, I love having the opportunity to provide academic support to students as they explore their own aspirations and make the most of their university experience!

I have been with UBC since 2012 – first as an undergraduate student in Vancouver studying International Relations and African Studies and then transitioning to working on the Okanagan campus in 2016 with Student Housing while completing a Masters of Education. I joined the Academic and Career Advising team because I am passionate about the student experience. I am grateful that my work allows me to support student goals and help navigate the many pathways of university. Throughout all my years on our campus, I am constantly amazed and inspired by our students. I love our campus community and would be happy to meet with you to take on the hurdles of degree planning, utilizing academic and career resources, as well as accessing the many services on our campus so that you can make the most of your time with us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out – I can’t wait to meet you!

I hold a doctorate degree in Biotechnology with a focus on therapeutics and vaccines from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in India. I taught at the University of Delhi, India as an Assistant Professor for 9 years. During this time, as an administrative duty, I managed mentorship groups of 10 students per semester for Career guidance and academic success. So, I developed a liking for Career advising. As a result, I topped up my 19 years of experience in Academia (10 years as a student and 9 years as a lecturer) with a Career Development Professional certificate at Simon Fraser University. This honed me with the relevant skills required for Career advising as well. I love to orchestrate academic experience with career planning, at the University of British Columbia, I am committed to putting my experience with Academia and Career advising at play for serving the students.

As an alumna of UBC Okanagan, I understand that post-secondary education is full of enriching experiences, and challenges.

Academic & Career Advising provided the tools I needed to navigate university as a transfer student and the encouragement to explore co-curricular opportunities I hadn’t thought to consider. Their support led me to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree, pursue academic and career opportunities in the United Kingdom and continue to discover my passion for student affairs.

As an Academic & Career Advisor, I love having the opportunity to empower students to shape a degree that supports their own personal and professional goals. As UBC’s motto says, Tuum Est – “It’s yours, and it is up to you” – but we’re here to help!


Academic Advising
UNC 207 (University Centre)
3272 University Way
Kelowna, BC Canada
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