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Aboriginal Programs & Services at UBC’s Okanagan campus has designated Aboriginal Student Advisors to provide support from your UBC application and throughout your time as a student.

Learn more about Aboriginal self-identification.

An Aboriginal Student Advisor can help you navigate your academic journey with a holistic approach, including academic, cultural, social and physical considerations. We also provide informed assistance for matters that relate specifically to Indigenous students, including Third Party Sponsorship, and admissions pathways.

Aboriginal Student Advisors

Our Aboriginal Student Advisors are able to support you through your specific program of study.

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Rachel Andreychuk


For support with: Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Science

Kelly Fosbery


For support with: Aboriginal Access Studies

Jeannine Kuemmerle


For support with: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Human Kinetics, Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Tuition sponsorship

If you are being sponsored for your tuition, your band or Aboriginal association will need to fill out a Sponsorship Third-Party Billing Form. Please consult the UBC Okanagan Calendar for tuition fee payment dates and deadlines.

It is your responsibility to pay your tuition and fees on time. If you do not pay your tuition by these dates, you may be placed on financial hold. To pay your tuition fees, you can use any of the methods that you used to pay your acceptance deposit. For more information on paying tuition and fees, please consult the General Information and Policy on Fees section in the UBC Okanagan Calendar.

Sponsorship Third Party Billing Form

Download the form (PDF)

Course or program withdrawal

If you are withdrawing from your program or course, please make note of course withdrawal information and deadlines. You may withdraw from a course before the withdrawal deadline and avoid academic penalty (a failing grade). You may still be eligible for a full or partial tuition fee refund if you withdraw before the appropriate withdrawal deadlines. If you wish to withdraw from a course past the deadlines, you should read UBC Okanagan’s policy regarding late withdrawals (academic concession) and consult an academic advisor prior to withdrawing. Please be aware that course withdrawals may result in the following consequences:

  • Loss of eligibility for student loans and financial aid
  • Loss of eligibility for Work Study or other student employment programs
  • Loss of sponsorship – contact us for information

Textbook sponsorship

If you are being sponsored for your textbooks,

  • You may only buy textbooks from the UBC Bookstore located in the ADMIN building.
  • You will need to inform the cashier that you are being sponsored because they will have a list of how much money you are allowed to spend. Make sure you bring your UBCcard ID, otherwise they will not be able to process your purchase.
  • It is your responsibility to contact your sponsor if your books end up costing more money than your sponsor has allotted for you. Ask your sponsor if they can cover these costs. If they agree to, they need to contact the bookstore again to authorize more money. Or, if it’s okay with your sponsor, you can buy the books and get reimbursed. If your sponsor will not cover the extra costs, you will have to pay for the books yourself.

Orientation and support services

Aboriginal Student Orientation

During the first week of September, Aboriginal Programs & Services holds an orientation for new and continuing Aboriginal students. This event includes a complete orientation to UBC Okanagan, introduction to support staff and services, and question and answer period. It’s a time to meet other students before starting classes in September.

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Aboriginal Centre

Housed on the second floor of the University Centre building (UNC 212), The Aboriginal Centre provides a sense of belonging and community to Aboriginal students. This home away from home is committed to enriching the quality of the student experience for Aboriginal students by promoting access, providing capacity building opportunities, and celebrating success.

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Aboriginal Programs & Services

Stop by the Aboriginal Centre in UNC 212 to speak with an advisor or to access a number of our other services and support.

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