Aboriginal self-identification

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UBC is dedicated to supporting Aboriginal student success. The University has developed a wide variety of programs and student services for “Aboriginal students”, including academic programs, admission policies, housing, and financial awards. Self-identification is optional. If you are an Aboriginal person, we encourage you to self-identify so that you may benefit from these programs and services. We use the term “Aboriginal” in the spirit of its use in section 35(2) of the Canadian Constitution, to refer inclusively to members of First Nations, status and non-status, treaty and non-treaty Indians, Metis, and Inuit peoples in Canada, recognizing in doing so that many people prefer the terms that are specific and traditional to their communities.

How to Self-Identify

As always, you can self-identify as an Aboriginal student when you apply to UBC, but now you can also self identify on the Student Service Center (SSC). Go to “Personal Information” to update your student profile.