Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your UBC student ID card is called a UBCcard.

    For a new or replacement UBCcard, visit Student Services (UNC 206Z, 2nd floor front desk) M-F between 9am-4pm. You'll be asked to provide your UBC student number and one piece of government-issued photo identification (e.g., driver's license, provincial/state identification, passport). Your photo will then be taken and your card will be issued while you wait. Hats and/or sunglasses must be removed for the photo

    Attention: New Students living in UBCO Residence for 2016W. Please send a photo to: In the email subject include “HOUSING”, your full name, and student ID number. Photos must be in JPG/JPEG format – a head shot with clear view of face (no hats, sunglasses, silly faces) on a plain background. Photo must be received BEFORE August 25th in order for your UBCard to be ready for Move-In Day.

  • Lost or stolen UBCcards (student ID cards) can be replaced at Student Services. A replacement fee of $25 applies. This fee is subject to change without notice. You can pay for your replacement UBCcard with debit only.
  • You can apply for an ISIC through your Student's Union Office.
  • Pay with your credit card through the Student Service Centre (SSC). Log on to the SSC and select Finances > Pay Fees > Credit Card.

    Please note: Payments for student housing, mandatory meal pans, tuition fees, will have a non-refundable 1.75% convenience fee added to the base payment.

    Successful payments will be processed immediately.

    For other payment options, please visit: Tuition Payment Options.

  • From outside Canada

    We recommend International Funds Transfer for payments from a foreign country. This secure payment option offers a better exchange rate than credit cards, no transaction fees, and doesn’t require a Canadian bank account.

    From within Canada

    We recommend EFT or Interac Online, which are both available via the SSC. These options allow students to pay tuition and student housing/residence meal plan fees together.

    More options

    See a full list of options for international tuition and student housing/meal plan payments.

  • You can pay tuition, student housing, and residence meal plans from outside Canada with International Funds Transfer. This method offers a better exchange rate than credit cards and is available in most countries.

  • Please phone Student Services  to book an appointment to help you create a financial plan, explore support options, and provide confidential advising for financial hardships and other concerns. 

  • There are several options available to pay tuition fees, including online and in-person methods, or by using student loans, awards, and bursaries.

  • Please visit Student Services (UNC 206Z, 2nd floor front desk) or email your request to Tuition refunds can take 4 – 6 weeks for processing. If you made your payment by cheque/ debit/ wire transfers/ online banking via your own bank, a refund cheque will be mailed to your current address listed on the SSC or if you are set up for Direct Deposit, a refund will be deposited to the financial institution listed under Banking Details - Direct Deposit on the SSC. If you made your payment by Visa/Mastercard, the original credit card will be credited with the over payment amount. If you made your payment by EFT or Interact via your SSC, the original bank account will be credited with the over payment amount. If we are unable to credit the original bank account, a cheque will be issued and mailed to your address on the SSC or deposited to the bank account listed under Banking Details - Direct Deposit on the SSC.

  • Tuition is typically due on the first day of classes. For the exact deadline, please refer to the financial summary page in your SSC account. For more information, or if you need help interpreting what you see here, let us know.

  • Every student is assessed a $100 registration deposit for each session they are eligible to register in (Winter or Summer). Paying this registration deposit signals to the University that you are planning on attending classes and opens your registration on your predetermined registration date and time. If you are not planning on registering, ignore the charge and it will eventually disappear from your account.

  • The last day to withdraw from your courses without a “W” standing is also the last day to receive a 100% tuition refund. This date may vary from course to course, depending on when the course starts and ends. Refer to your course schedule in the SSC for the exact date.

  • You can pay for your Housing and/or Meal plan online through either your SSC or your online housing account. Contact Student Housing & Hospitality for more information and other payment options.

  • A $35 late fee may be applied when tuition is not paid on or before the due date. Interest will be charged at a rate of prime plus 6% per annum. Interest is charged on all outstanding amounts that are past due and is calculated toward the end of each month.

  • Course registration at UBC’s Okanagan campus is an online process conducted within the SSC. Using the SSC, you can add, drop, or switch courses; pay deposits and tuition fees; view your timetable; and much more. See the Registration website for full details.

    If you're a continuing student, your registration date and time are determined by your year level and your standing in the previous Winter Session. Your registration date and time is posted online and will be emailed to you.

  • The last day to withdraw from your courses without a “W” standing may vary from course to course, depending on when the course starts and ends. Refer to your course schedule in the SSC for the exact date. For a full list of course drop/withdrawal dates, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

  • You can order your official transcript by logging into your SSC account, highlighting the Grades & Records tab, and then selecting Order Transcripts.

    Alternatively you can visit Student Services (UNC 206Z, 2nd floor front desk) and have it printed off while you wait.

  • You can visit your SSC account, highlight the Grades & Records tab, and then select Proof of Enrolment Letters.

    When does my registration open?

  • You will be notified by email and on your SSC as to when your specific registration date and time is. Please note that your registration date and time may change from when it was originally assigned and is based on your year level and academic standing.

  • Students who want to take a class for which they don’t have the necessary prerequisites can fill out a prerequisite waiver form given to you by the faculty or school offering the course.

  • If a course is blocked you will need to read the notes in the course schedule.  If there are no notes, you will need to contact the faculty or school offering that course to find out more information.

  • Prior to the withdrawal dates, you can drop a course from within the SSC. Log on to your SSC account and click “Registration,” then “Course Schedule.” Next, select ”Registration” from the top navigation bar and click “Add/Drop Courses.”

    If you need to change your registration after the withdrawal dates, you can download the necessary form or pick it up from your faculty office or Enrolment Services.

    Complete all relevant sections of the form and obtain the appropriate signatures; forms cannot be processed without the correct signatures. The instructions for signatures are on the backs of the forms.

  • Students' personal information and records are protected by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). UBC Enrolment Services has certain information on file that is available only to you and will only be released with your permission.

    To grant a third party (someone other than yourself) permission to access your information, log on to the SSC, click "Personal Information," and select "Third-Party Authorization." Be sure to provide your third party with the authorization code as they will be asked to provide it before UBC Enrolment Services will release any information to them.

  • Applications for graduation typically open on the SSC in mid-December each year and close at the end of February.

  • Your Faculty is responsible for arranging graduation photography opportunities for you. Graduation photography services will also be available at the convocation ceremony.


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