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In response to COVID-19, all Math & Science Tutoring is online.
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Term 2 Schedule

Review the schedule below and click the online tutoring button during a time when your preferred tutor is scheduled. Tutoring is available during the exam period as well. (Chrome seems to work best for online tutoring)


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Math and Science Tutoring

Develop confidence, independence, and proficiency as you pursue success in your math and science courses.

The Student Learning Hub at UBC’s Okanagan campus provides free, drop-in math and science tutoring five days a week. We offer support for all math, science, economics, statistics, and engineering courses.

You can work alone or together with other students in a relaxed, informal environment, with help readily available if you need it.

Our tutors

Our upper-year peer tutors are trained to help with course content and problem-solving techniques.

While tutors are available to help with many types of problems, they will not complete any part of a class assignment and will not work on take-home exams, pre-lab assignments, or lab assignments. Instead, tutors will guide you through similar content that will help you complete the assignment yourself and grow your understanding of the topic.

Private tutoring

We are committed to providing math and science tutoring services for UBC Okanagan students. At this time, we do not offer any private tutoring services. Review the UBCSUO tutor registry for more options.

For those wishing to engage in course material outside of the classroom we encourage you to check out our online resources.

Want to be a Peer Tutor?

Students interested in being a peer tutor should be in their second, third, or fourth year of an undergraduate degree program. Interested applicants must demonstrate:

  • A high level of academic achievement, combined with excellent study skill habits
  • The ability to clearly and concisely explain concepts to their peers
  • Excellent communication skills and a friendly and positive attitude
  • A desire to provide guidance and help others learn

Tutoring is a supplement to teaching and provides expertise, experience, and encouragement, rather than simply providing answers.

Check the UBCO Job Board regularly to view all current postings.

Questions? Contact us
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