UBCcard at a glance

  • Cardholder's colour photo
  • University status: Undergraduate, Graduate, or Unclassified
  • Cardholder's name
  • Student number

The UBCcard is your official UBC Okanagan student identification and much more. Use this free, all-in-one card to borrow items from the library or to access your meal plan account.

It's your official student identification

The UBCcard is valid for up to four years, or for the duration of your program. If your personal information changes, such as your legal name or student status, you must notify Student Services desk (University Center 2nd floor foyer) to request a new card. You will receive it at no cost.

Preferred Name

To update your UBCcard with your preferred namestudents must first make the change on their Student Service Centre (SSC). The change may take up to 48 hours to be updated in the system. Once updated, you can request a new card with your preferred name at no charge.

It's your Library card

The UBCcard is your access to UBC Library loans and services. UBC Library loan regulations apply to card use. These regulations are available online at the UBC Library and at all UBC Library locations. UBCcard activation is not immediate. Please allow 24 hours between obtaining your card and using it at the library.

It's your card for accessing your meal plan account

If you have purchased a meal plan your UBCcard acts as your meal plan card and you must present it at point of sale.

Lost cards

Lost cards can be replaced at the Student Services desk (University Centre second floor) for a fee of $25.

Netware accounts

Netware is your account for logging into on-campus computers. Every Netware account starts with a one dollar balance that allows you to print from on-campus computers. When this amount runs out, you can add moneyonto your Netware account at one of two Pay for Print kiosks. One is inside the Library and the other is at the entrance to the Arts building. You can also use the Pay for Print computer to check your Netware account balance.

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