Frequently asked questions

Jump Start FAQs


Can transfer students attend Jump Start?  

Jump Start is for first-year undergraduate students coming directly from high school, as a result, registration for Jump Start is not open to transfer students.  

Transfer students are encouraged to register for Create New Student Orientation.

Can I participate in Jump Start if I took a gap year and am now attending UBC as a first-year student? 

All students who come directly from high school are able to participate in Jump Start. If you took a gap year and did not attend another post-secondary institution, you are still able to participate.  

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Program schedules  

What does a typical day at Jump Start look like?  

Typically, the days start around 8:30 am and the main programming concludes at around 5 pm.  Following that, there are various social programs available for students to choose from until approximately 7 to 10 pm. The schedule includes meal breaks and other breaks throughout the day.  There is a sample schedule for you to explore. 

Are the scheduled activities during the day mandatory? 

Participating in activities during the day is strongly encouraged, you will get the most out of Jump Start orientation by attending all scheduled activities. The only programming that is purely optional are evening socials.  

Will I have time to do other things? 

Evening social programming is optional. There are times within the Jump Start schedule where you can choose which activities or sessions you attend, which leaves time for you to take care of essentials.  

How will meals work? 

If you are a residence student, you will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Pritchard, the dining hall on campus. There will be scheduled times for your orientation group to eat lunch. Breakfast will be served starting at 7 am, it is up to you to eat breakfast before scheduled programming begins.  

If you are a commuter student, you will eat lunch on campus in the Pritchard dining hall. There will be a scheduled time for your orientation group to eat lunch. 

Does move-in day have any planned activities? 

Move-in day will have various service providers to help you take care of essentials prior to the start of programming. There will be banking providers to set up Canadian bank accounts, cell phone providers, an insurance provider for tenant insurance, optional campus tours, shopping shuttles, and more.  

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Students living in residence  

When can I move in if I am attending Jump Start and living on campus?  

Students living in residence can move in on August 27. Programming will begin on August 28. It is important to note that UBC housing will not be available before August 27.  

Are my housing costs included in my program fees?  

You are required to pay your housing fees when you accept your Early Arrival housing offer. The cost of housing is not included in your programming fees.  

Do I need to apply for an early move-in?  

You will need to pay the Jump Start housing fee, there is no additional application required for early move in if you are registered for Jump Start.  

Will I be able to live in the same room after Jump Start?   

Yes, you will be able to move into your Winter Session room early as a Jump Start participant.  

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Students living off-campus 

When will Jump Start begin for commuting students?  

For students commuting to campus for Jump Start, 2024 programming will be from August 28 to 30. You are welcome to come to campus on August 27 if you would like to check-in early, go on an optional campus tour, set up a bank account, or check out the Bookstores on campus.  

Commuter students will receive lunch for the three-days of programming and are welcome to attend optional evening social programming.  

Is transportation provided for commuter students? 

Commuter students are responsible for their own transportation to and from campus for Jump Start orientation. This includes parking costs and/or transit costs.  

Are meals provided for commuter students? 

Lunch is included in the program fee for commuter students, but they are responsible for their own breakfast and dinner. 

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Move-in day  

Will there be a shuttle from the Kelowna International Airport to UBC Okanagan on August 27?  

There will be a complimentary shuttle from Kelowna International Airport to UBC Okanagan on August 27. This shuttle does not need to be reserved, hours of operation for this shuttle will be determined based off arriving flights and will be communicated to students closer to the date.  

If you are arriving at a time when the shuttle is not available, UBCO is a seven-minute drive from the Kelowna International Airport. It costs approximately $10.00 CAD to take a taxi to campus from the airport. 

Will there be assistance available for opening a Canadian bank account or phone number during Jump Start?   

Cell phone and banking providers will be on campus on August 27 to assist students with setting up a Canadian bank account and/or phone plan.  

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Create FAQs

Are meals included during Create?

During the day of Create New Student Orientation, we will have scheduled times for each group to break for lunch, and you’re invited to join your Orientation Leaders as they guide groups to Pritchard Dining Hall on campus. We are not providing lunch as part of your Create registration, so if you do not already have a meal plan, you can purchase your lunch there for $15.50 CAD .

You are also welcome to pack lunch with you, but please know we will not have available space to store or refrigerate any food so please pack non-perishable items.  

How do I get to campus to attend Create? 

If you are driving to campus, you can find our parking lots with daily rates online if you don’t already have a parking pass and a designated lot.

If you are taking the bus, please note that Create 2024 takes place on Monday, September 2, which is a statutory holiday (Labour Day). Buses will be operating on the Holiday schedule.

Where do I go to check in for Create?  

Check-in for 2024 Create New Student Orientation will take place on Monday, September 2 from 8:30 to 9 am. The week before Create, we will be emailing each student who has registered with information about your group number, where your group will be meeting, and the name of the Orientation Leader you’ll need to sign in with. We’ll include a campus map to make it easy to find where you’re going! If you need any help wayfinding, we’ll have an information booth set up in front of the University Centre, located at 3272 University Way. 

What should I bring to Create?

There will be things for purchase at Showcase, so it is recommended to bring some money if you are looking to sign up for anything. Dress for the weather! If it is hot, that includes sunscreen, a hat, cool clothes, and sunglasses. If it is a cooler day, make sure to pack enough layers to be comfortable outside while you explore all the vendors, clubs, course unions, and departments that will be set up at showcase. Layers can include a sweater, raincoat, umbrella, toque, or anything else you may want to stay warm. Finally, make sure to bring enough food (if you do not have a meal plan) and water. It’s very important to stay well fed and hydrated, especially if it is a hot day. 

If I can’t stay the entire day, can I still attend part of Create?

Yes! You are welcome to register for Create New Student Orientation even if you’ll need to leave early. We’d love for you to get to participate in as much of the day as you are able. If you’ll be arriving late and will not be available at check-in, please contact the Orientations team at to let us know, and we can get you additional instructions on how to meet up with your group when you arrive.  

I am a graduate student, should I attend Create?

Create New Student Orientation is geared toward new undergraduate students at UBCO. A better fit would be the incoming graduate student orientation, which has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 28.

You can also check out UBC 501, the self-guided online orientation program for graduate students.