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The Okanagan is a beautiful place to live. I’ve been here for three summers, but I feel like I’ve never taken full advantage of all the things the Valley has to offer. This summer, that changes. Join me while I enjoy the heck out of some Okanagan summer activities. 

I am a sucker for bubble tea. It’s my go-to treat. This week I took my boyfriend out to try four well-known bubble tea cafes in Kelowna, and we are full of tapioca and opinions. 

Exams are over! You just finished writing a paper or taking a final. You want to reward yourself, but you’re not sure how. We’ve got you covered with this choose-your-own-adventure leading you to the perfect end of term treat. 

Feeling brain static every time you open up Instagram? Here’s a list of things to do that will pull you out of the social media vacuum.

A UBCO student sat down with our Associate Vice President, Students, Dale Mullings, to talk about why we have tuition increases, what they’re for, and how we as students can have a say in what gets funded.

The best time to visit waterfalls is in the spring, which means that we’ve got to get out there now. Like right now, go get your coat. We’re sharing deets about our favourite waterfalls in the Okanagan!



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