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Advice from people with experience is the most reliable kind. Alvin sat down with recent UBC graduates to get the inside scoop on the university experience. Use their reflections to make the most of your uni journey!

If you’re new to residence this year, chances are you’re worried about what settling in is going to look like. Read tips from a returning Residence Advisor on how you can meet and make friends in residence!

Moving into residence? You’ll probably have some questions. While some of them will be better answered when you get here, there are a few things you should know as you prepare to get settled in the Okanagan. 

Some people come into university knowing exactly what they’re going to do with their lives. I relate more with everyone who has come into university with a murkier vision of their final destination. Most of us are looking to better educate ourselves and find out what our future lives as professionals could look like. With this said, I personally have some strategies that I think can help me and many others to at least start the process of “figuring it out”.

Moved out of your parent’s house or living off-campus for the first time and feeling a little overwhelmed? Living off-campus has many perks, but there are some challenges too. Check out these valuable life hacks.

“There’s nothing to do in Kelowna.” See if you still think that after reading this list of things to try!



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