UBC 101

Learn the basics about getting started at UBC — with support from students like you.

Getting prepared for your first term at UBC Okanagan can seem complicated at times. UBC 101 is here to help! UBC 101 is an online program that is available on Canvas for all new-to-UBC students who have accepted their offer of admission.

There are two streams of UBC 101 – An Indigenous student stream and a general student stream that run from mid-May to August. Your assigned stream of UBC 101 will help you get ready for your time at UBC Okanagan. From textbooks to housing, medical insurance to degree planning, our online orientation provides a critical foundation of university and campus knowledge to help you succeed once you arrive on campus. UBC 101 is designed to provide a general introduction for new students to all things UBCO, and will:

  • introduce you to the history, traditions, and culture of UBC Okanagan,
  • guide you through your academic transition to university,
  • connect you to a senior student who can help answer your questions and support you throughout the summer,
  • introduce you to on-campus support services, and
  • help you take care of the essentials prior to the start of classes.

UBC 101 for Non-Indigenous Students

UBC 101’s general student stream contains modules that will be released every week between mid-May and mid-August. Most students will complete the weekly modules in less than one hour per week—a small investment of time that will pay off big when you arrive on campus. Your learning will be led by an upper-year UBC Okanagan student (your Student Connect – Transition Specialist) who can answer your questions and help you take care of the essentials before classes start. The program also features opportunities to connect with other new students and campus experts throughout the summer through discussion boards, workshops, and virtual events.

UBC 101 for Indigenous Students

UBC 101’s Indigenous student stream is designed for Self-Identified Indigenous students. This version of UBC 101 is self-paced, takes about two hours, and can be completed anytime between mid-May and mid-August. As an Indigenous student in this stream, your learning will be supported by the Indigenous Programs and Services Office and the Indigenous peer mentor team. The Indigenous Student Stream will give you all the basic information you need prior to attending Indigenous Student Orientation.

To access UBC 101:

Once you are enrolled at UBC, you will be auto-enrolled into your assigned stream of UBC 101. View the UBC 101 content anytime by clicking the link to UBC 101 on your Canvas dashboard: canvas.ubc.ca

You will receive communications and updates about the content within Canvas.

If you do not have access to UBC 101 on your Canvas dashboard, or feel you have been put into the incorrect stream, please email orientation.ok@ubc.ca.

Meet the 2023 Student Connector team

These upper-year students are here to support you in your transition to UBCO, and will welcome you to one of their communities where you can connect with your peers and with other resources before you start university. Joining one of their communities will be a great way to kick-start your time on our campus, so we encourage you to select a Connector within your first couple weeks of joining UBC 101.

Alyssa Scott 

Fourth-year, Science
Fun fact: I am a student-athlete, and my favourite food is pasta.

Avaneendra Sathivada 

Fourth-year, Science
Fun fact: I love chocolate truffle cake and I am quite fond of rafting.

Beatriz Tozzi

Fourth-year, Science
Fun fact: I am an international student from Brazil hoping to one day go into medicine. I was a ballet dancer for 16 years.

Elizabeth Obara

Fourth-year, Management
Fun fact: I love art in all its forms – especially culinary and visual arts. One of my favourite things to do is build a playlist for a particular mood and listen to it only once.

John Adegbonmire

Fifth-year, Arts & Social Sciences
Fun fact: I plan on doing the Economics Honors Program next session. I love to watch sports and listen to music, mainly R&B.


Madeline Wiebe 

Fourth-year, Arts & Social Sciences
Fun fact: I played the saxophone for five years and my favourite snacks are Goldfish crackers.

Ruwaida Rashid 

Third-year, Science
Fun fact: I am from Singapore. I like to call myself a global citizen with years spent travelling across the oceans with my dad for his work.


Saakshi Shah

Third-year, Arts & Social Sciences
Fun fact: I am from Nairobi, Kenya. I love the beach, reading, and eating new foods!

Siddhant Nair

Third-year, Engineering
Fun fact: I was born in Mumbai, India; however, I was raised in Nigeria, Western Africa. I’m passionate about soccer.

Sophia Pol

Fourth-year, Health & Social Development
Fun fact: I play on the women’s soccer team here at UBCO. I love dogs and I have a golden retriever.