Your student’s safety

Safety is a priority for all of our students, staff, faculty, and visitors at UBC.

  • Campus Security takes a proactive approach in an effort to ensure that our campus a safe place to study, reside, and work.
  • The UBC Safe App is a free mobile app that provides immediate access to first-aid, Emergency Services, Safewalk, information on emergency procedures, and more.
  • Safewalk volunteers (and Campus Security personnel after hours) offer drop-in visits and accompanied walks for students, faculty, and staff.

At UBC we are committed to taking an active role in combating sexualized violence in all forms within our university and from society. Sexualized violence is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. UBC has a policy that sets out commitments and procedures to address sexualized violence and rape culture through providing survivor support, education, and prevention programs, the appropriate receiving and investigating of reports of sexualized violence incidents, and creating and promoting a culture of consent. UBC has two separate offices: the Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Office (SVPRO) and the Investigations Office (IO).

The Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Office is a confidential place for those who have been impacted by any form of sexual or gender-based violence, harassment, or harm regardless of where or when it took place. SVPRO aims to be a safer space for all UBC students by respecting each person’s unique and multiple identities and experiences. All genders and sexualities are welcome. SVPRO is a survivor-centred space. We all heal differently and SVPRO can help with emotional support, academic and workplace accommodations, safety planning, emergency housing and funding, medical accompaniment, exploration of reporting options (UBC and police), transportation, and referrals relevant and unique to each person’s experience. Reporting is not required to access support.

Explore some of the resources available for parents, friends, partners, and allies of those who have been impacted by sexualized violence on campus and within the Okanagan community.

The UBC Investigations Office conducts arm’s length and impartial investigations into reports of sexual misconduct and discrimination involving students, staff and faculty. The investigators are experienced in trauma-informed approaches and conduct investigations that are procedurally fair and respectful to all parties. The IO offers Alternative Resolution where appropriate. Visit for more information and to explore resources and courses available to UBC staff, students, and faculty.