Learn what UBC is all about. Get the lay of the land. Meet a bunch of awesome people. Your UBC experience is yours to create.

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Create orientation

Kick off your first year at UBC with Create new student orientation, your introduction to all things UBCO. With an emphasis on building connections to the people, places, and resources that will support and shape your university experience, our free flagship orientation program is strongly recommended for all first-year students who are new to UBC’s Okanagan campus. 

Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal

UBC Okanagan’s second year students have shared a unique journey in the past academic year. As we embark on this 2021-22 school year, our Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the UBC Okanagan’s campus, Dr. Lesley Cormack, shares a special welcome to those who have been with us virtually over the past year.


Sample schedules

All new students who register for Create will receive an official email in late August with your personal Create schedule, including your group number and other important information about the day.

Here is an example of how your Create day might look: 


Meet your fellow students Meet with your Orientation Leader and a small group of fellow first-year students from your Faculty, and join in on social events to have fun and make new friends. 
An official welcome  Hear from UBCO Leadership in a welcome ceremony, and have a chance to show your UBC Okanagan school spirit! 
Workshops & Information sessions  Hear from campus experts about their services and personal experiences to help shape your UBCO journey.  
Campus tour Take a guided tour of campus and locate all the essentials.
UBC Basics workshop Hear from senior students about UBCO services and opportunities for involvement to help shape your UBCO journey.

After Create Day, you will be invited to participate in a Faculty-Specific welcome, where you will meet you Faculty’s Dean(s), and a few of the instructors from your home faculty. Stay tuned for more information. You’ll also be invited to participate in other great events as part of Welcome Week.

Create is a fantastic opportunity to meet your new classmates and get a taste of what UBC is all about. The variety of activities throughout the day ensures a connection point for everyone, whatever your interests are.

—Michele, Science Student

Stay tuned for more details about Create and Re-Create! Contact with any questions about Create or Re-Create. 


Volunteer at Create

Each year, the Okanagan campus comes together to celebrate and welcome the new incoming class, made possible by the generous support of student and staff volunteers.

Volunteering at Create isn’t just a fun and rewarding way to get involved and give back to your campus community, it’s also is a great way to develop skills, meet new people, and gain valuable experience for your resume.

Volunteer positions are posted every February on the job board.