Supporting your student’s health and wellness

UBC is committed to fostering the health and wellbeing of our campus community and offers a number of resources and programs to support your student whether they are studying on-campus or in a virtual environment.

On-campus resources

Located in the University Centre, Student Wellness offers both a student health clinic as well as counselling services. Details on how to book an appointment are available online or by phone at 250-807-9270.

Some types of appointments are available online, in-person, or over the phone. Student Wellness is currently not accepting any walk-in appointments.

It is critical that your student know how and when to access support, wherever they are studying from. Learn more about our approach to counselling, self-help resources, crisis lines, and mental health support.

Health insurance

Good health starts with making sure that you have up-to-date health insurance.

Anyone living in British Columbia for six months or longer (including international students) are required by law to enroll in the Medical Service Plan for British Columbia Residents.

The University of British Columbia Student Union Okanagan (SUO of UBC) has partnered with StudentCare to provide students with extended health and dental coverage.

In addition to the services offered by Health and Wellness, the UBCSUO offers counselling through their external partner Third Space Life Charity.

Wellness Centre Online

All students can enroll in UBC Okanagan’s Wellness Centre Online – a free Canvas space for students to access up-to-date health education and information, access tips and strategies for wellbeing, and learn more about health-related resources on- and off-campus. Students can participate in groups, workshops, and webinars to ensure that they thrive while attending UBC.

Thrive 5 tips for student wellness

Ensuring your students are making time to look after the non-academic aspects of their lives will help them concentrate and succeed in their learning. Research consistently points to five ways to promote a healthy, balanced life.

At UBC, we call these pillars the “Thrive 5”: move more, sleep soundly, eat well, give back, and say hi.

Learn more how your student can achieve the Thrive 5 in an online learning and physical distancing environment.

Move more

Incorporating activity into each day can help manage stress and boost your mood. UBCO Recreation provides plenty of opportunities for every body to move more through on-campus events, off-campus events, and more. Find your fit.

Sleep soundly

Encourage your student to establish sound sleep routines to get better quality rest. If your student is struggling with sleep, recognize that sleep disturbances are often indicative of mental health challenges and encourage them to access the Wellness Centre Online for strategies.

Eat well

No matter where your students are studying, encourage them to eat foods to fuel their minds.

Give back

Students can explore their interests and enhance their experience by getting involved or by joining a club or course union.

Say “hi”

Stay connected with others!