Past Winners


2016 I Am Accessible Award recipients 

Clockwise from left: Staff Award Winner Lori Walter, Librarian, DRC Choice Award Winner Dr. Brendan D'Souza Biology Unit 2, Barber School and Winner of the Faculty Award is Charlene Strumpel, Nursing, School of Nursing.


I Am Accessible 2015

2015 I Am Accessible Award recipients.  Clockwise from left: Ben Tippett, Milka Beck, Allison Hargreaves, Aleksandra Dulic, Yang Cao, Paul Davies, Daniel Keyes, Ramon Lawrence.  Not pictured: Richard Plunkett, Ruth Frost, Matthew Rader, Hsing-Ming Chang.

In the news: Faculty honoured for keeping campus inclusive to all students (The Exchange, September 29 2015)



I Am Accessible 2014

2014 I Am Accessible Award recipients.  Clockwise from left: Bowen Hui and Alexandra Gretchko (nominator); Christopher Bitcon (nominator) and Scott Reid; Katie Poole (nominator) and Carlo Rasi; Fern Helfand; Trudy Kavanagh and Clayton March (nominator) with Ember (assistance dog); Ruthann Lee.

In the news: Celebrating accessibility (The Exchange, September 16 2014)

I Am Accessible 2013

2013 I Am Accessible Award recipients.  From left: Paul Davies, Clayton March (nominator), Mark Holder.  Not pictured: Jan Cioe, Anne MacLean, Mary Ann Murphy.

In the news: Leading the way in on-campus accessibility (The Exchange, September 11 2013)

I Am Accessible 2012

2012 I Am Accessible Award recipients.  From left: Trudy Kavanagh and Robyn Weninger (nominator); Mary Stockdale and Meghan Currie (nominator); Jess Roebuck, previous DRC Coordinator.

In the news: Professors recognized for their accessibility efforts (The Exchange, June 4 2012)

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